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SUV to minister for injecting corrupt rats into human food chain

There is no end to the troubles of food supplies and consumer welfare minister for his alleged links with deposit collection company Artha Tatwa, which had allegedly gifted him luxury cars. There are a lot of rats at FCI godowns. These rats secretly eat rice, sugar and wheat in the godowns. Should we remove the stocks to save the food grains or check the entry of rats? The wise man will single out the rat and drive it out of the godown smartly. You don’t need to kill the rat, because it will die automatically.

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Proudly wearing a certified CIBIL credit score tattoo, issued by Mafia Capitalism?

The entire apparatus of government, police, judiciary and prisons providing enforcement and surveillance. Instead of taxing the rich to generate money to build and maintain things like schools and roads, our government actually borrows money from the banks and the public pays the interest on these loans

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Who can use an iWALK3.0 hands free arm crutch?

iWALK3.0 can give you back the mobility you lost due to your injury. What it can’t do is give you something that you didn’t already have, so if you couldn’t walk normally pre-injury, then iWALK3.0 probably isn’t going to work for you.

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China, EU, Canada, US are taking a closer look at Google, India will catch small fishes

First the search giant attracted almost universal opprobrium and a tonne of legal headaches when it accidentally recorded personal data from unprotected wireless networks in various countries. Then some much-hyped new services flopped in some Google Wave. It faces formal investigation by the European Union into allegations that it has broken antitrust rules by abusing […]

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