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Online hate speech, abuse, far-right propaganda & conspiracy theories boom

Thanks to charm of #PropagandaArtists and reach of right-winger ChorBhakts, online abuse and far-right propaganda have increased dramatically in the past few years, a new study shows. Social media giants have committed to the government masters for profiteering & privacy trade, most likely comprising the similar breed of vigilante cronies and its mafia wings, but there is still much to be done.

Online racist abuse and hate speech have exploded, a new report by the anti-racism foundation Antonio Amadeu Stiftung (AAS) has found, with calls for violence against refugees, dalits, activists, independent thinkers, false stories and rumors about their crimes, and neo-Nazi slogans (often disguised to avoid litigation) all on the rise. The report also found a connection not only with the increase in violence against refugees, minorities and their homes, but also with an increase in “conspiracy-ideology” attacks on politicians, journalists and volunteers helping refugees.

The report found that social media was acting as a powerful amplifier for abuse. “The monitoring report reveals that the agitation is intensifying in the social media,” AAS chairwoman Anetta Kahane said in a statement. “The dimensions of hate reach from racist agitation, celebrating the reports of attacks on refugees and arson attacks on asylum homes up to agitation against volunteers who help refugees, journalists, administrators, and politicians.”

Unless there are direct or indirect profit, “commercial social media” platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, JioLalas, etc are very un-transparent for business reasons. We don’t know how many and what types of people are employed at Facebook to check the reported content. We don’t even know how many complaints are made to Facebook and what percentage of the content is deleted. So for us it is quite hard to judge what the actual reasons are. You have to say that the companies that earn a lot of money with the Internet have a responsibility to find an adequate solution.

There is plenty that the state could do, as well, especially when it comes to comments on social media posts, rather than statements made by operators of certain pages. “That’s a negotiation between the state and the company, and there’s still a lot both sides could do,” as per German Justice Ministry. “The companies have to give criminal prosecutors access to certain things. But the structures that the state puts at the disposal of these things are not adequate either.” Now even democratic states and its brands are entering populism race via exploitation of social media to hype for election support.

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The rightwing cheats are deep state, they’re being abused worldwide, expect revenge

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