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Official views of angry banking consumer – beware of lures for loans, financial terrorists

Dear Sir / Madam:

Further to your reply, note that I do not have looted capital or black money to pay as per your selfie rules and wishes only. I do not want to analyze your jargons and policies. I am not able to pay anything that sounds out-of-budget and unreasonable to me, no interests or taxes or ransoms whatsoever will be paid. I have not taken any money for pleasure, personal gains or business – it was simply to pay account dues and close banking forever. Write or call to settle at once – not to threat via your collection goons, mentally harass or economically fool me anymore. I had paid huge interests since last 10+ years without any special benefits, it may be okay as per rules of your types, not for me.

Also find attached an email sent in Jan 2016 on account cancellation, which was not addressed by your commission obsessed agents. Many such mails, calls and requests were deliberately ignored from your end. I cannot take burdens for your casual and purely profiteering approach. Send a reasonable reply with 100% transparency or they just goes to my junk. I have no patience for funny time-pass calls from your agents, I only need written replies from your legally responsible and directly employed staff. I am only getting account statements, fancy rules and calls. Real issue and reason for taking account loan as per your customer care persons suggestion to settle, is totally ignored, as always. Refer earlier messages carefully and reply to the points ONLY before any phone calls for payment.

I cannot tolerate such frauds, economic terror and loot jugaad, I have no currency tree to satisfy your greedy financing ideas for your development profiteering. I am not paying anymore, I am retiring and shifting – no time to review your decorated payment statements either. I had agreed to your offers last year just to settle and close the account. I have spoken, written / emailed many times since last 1 year to close the account and settle. I do not want to crunch your numbers, account statements anymore, just close the account and mention a final amount to settle immediately. I deserve liberation out of this luring and lopsided banking vicious circle.

Regards, XYZ
Refugee Square, Wall City

World maybe be going cashless credit / online banking, you’re reversing after experiencing 15 years of mixed results, to your own peace economy, can the state mind its real business? By closing their kitty eyes for cuts, isn’t this state sponsored economic terrorism? Real bank name was edited for obvious reasons, it can be added later. The above letter template is open source originally written and shared by one of our contributors, any small victim of modern corporate bankers / financiers can feel free to use it. Do share your views and real life experiences as a common bank, finance, investment, state accounting or insurance consumer.

What Wall Street learned from Mafia & Terrorists? How to reach into penny jars (or donation lockers) of dying hospitals, honest citizens and schools and transform their desperation and civic panic into fat year-end bonuses and the occasional “big lunch” for charming cronies, smart profiteers cum large financial crooks. Unlike Mafia, though, they were smart enough to do their dirt without anyone noticing for a very long time. No harm, to them, means no visible harm, i.e., that what taxpayers, followers, borrowers & depositors didn’t know couldn’t hurt them. This is logical thinking, to the sociopath – like saying it’s not infidelity if your spouse never finds out.

But we did find out, and the scale of betrayals are epic.

Private banking rot (endless greed, consumer fooling, documentation frauds and smart loot) is nonstarter for charming cronies and maniac politicians, civil court attorneys, technical profiteers and financial terrorists, we are now Mobified and Appfied bhakts, developing towards self-destruction, chanting bla bla..

Imported system of mafia capitalism has made it difficult, if not impossible, for us to meet our basic needs, whether we have debt or not, whether we pay it back or not. We recognize that it is not easy to fight this system of powerful nexuses, that it is not easy to withdraw consent from a financial world gone mad. Make no mistake: the odds are stacked against us. Laws surrounding debt or loans, collection and banking are notably complex, designed to keep commoners confused and afraid. No legal counseling here; you need social acts of mutual aid. We are not lawyers; you may want to consult one before doing anything that you think might be illegal.

Many banks are converted as Legalised Ponzi Schemes selling death financing portfolio, while its politically targeted workers & SME victims are pushed as feed for Bank’s large profiteering capitalists, who in turn fund the deep state in seasonal cycles.. See more Jugaad Rating by Ponzy Rats for TV TRP, Digital PPC CTR, Beneficiary Fans / Followers, Bank Creditors / Depositors, Pega AI Bots, SetTOP Box 69, Looted Capital / Wealth etc. Join SocialNet to share and access more money mantras.

4 thoughts on “Official views of angry banking consumer – beware of lures for loans, financial terrorists

  1. Dated: 30/08/2018
    CC: The Manager, Great Bank,
    Red Court, Farce 111222

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Fraud Summary: I never signed for an OD account which can cost me INR 5 lacs (more than even my net profit!) in 10 years with total transactions around 1 crore using the Bank’s 2 lacs overdraft just as floating buffer. I had only approved for deduction of INR 6000 per year as OD renewal fee but I see bank consumed INR 50,000 every year without my approval or rendering any special services whatsoever.

    Bank is harassing, doing covert legal jugaad, filing unilateral court cases and trying to extort Rs. 1.5 lacs which I do not owe them, I complained to RBI but Bank had submitted some old documents on which they just took my signature 12 years back and convinced RBI, or so as per rumors. They put a Civil Case against me in Tis Hazari, Delhi and claims they won it. I do not have any info about this case and also in RBI case before this, I was not aware of any proceedings whatsoever. Bank, abusing its legal and money power, just put their side of story to extort its so-called 1.5 lacs bad loan cum NPA (twisting from an OD a/c) while totally ignoring my huge losses.

    I know protecting Bank’s interest is their first priority, I am solely looking at mine since last 4 years of this painful dispute. Four random statements are attached again.. which shows deductions were more than 30000 per year, every year. Bank offered discounting a total of just 31000/- as per their last letter. Bank’s OD was not used always during initial years.. all current interests and disputes are due to those unknown random fees deducted earlier which further resulted in my health, business and accumulated financial losses.

    I do not see Bank’s current demand in isolation. Instead of a positive balance of 4 lacs, situation became 1.5 lac negative. Bank’s deliberate OD a/c term complexities were way above my little knowledge. As far signing of terms & conditions some 12 years ago, I never thought trusted entities like big Banks can treat in such fraudulent ways especially to less-funded small business customers.

    Many other emails, talks, meetings, messages & complaints were sent to Bank’s various agents visiting my premises, its officials, corporate care and customer care since last 4 years. I had asked several times by phone, email and meeting for full reversal of all arbitrary deductions (of more than INR 50,000 per year) and huge interest accumulation due to delays in resolving my issues since last 4 years. This could easily settle Bank’s current outstanding due claims & further require the Bank to refund balance of all one-sided deductions to me.

    Regards, ABC
    Asylum Marg, Bull State

  2. Its enough, I do not owe anything to your bank neither do I have any active business with you. Close & settle. Also restrain your legal & recovery teams from further harassment or I’ll be forced to unravel Bank’s name and circulate this story widely in media & take further legal courses..

    Note Reasons for apprehensions: I had very bad experiences with your Bank & some greedy 3rd parties trying to extort with its covert & unilateral legal showoffs which resulted in business closure and huge losses for me, that fight for justice has not even started.

  3. Letter Template for any Ponzy Bank & its AI Bots:

    No fancy calls, auto-bots, visits or those ready-made auto-responses will be entertained. First read / write, then call if urgent. Real issues are NOT resolved at all. I do not take delays, arbitrary policies and such bank ball games lightly. NO costs will be borne by me now or in future for blunders of your bank staff, note on record. The next EMI will be paid ONLY when all concerns are formally addressed and resolved permanently.

    Many persons contacts me from your bank, who exactly in authorised Account Manager / Relation Manager/ Collection Manager? You may take your own sweet time to settle these, in which case, I WILL NOT adhere to Bank policies, legalities or resulting extra cost math thereof.

    Like everyone including your great Bank, I’m facing an unprecedented situation with the COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) Pandemic in the country. I’m committed to the health, safety and well-being of my clients, friends and dependent families. I am unable to pay your current and future demands until end of 2021 as I’m operating with reduced incomes and receipts. I urge you to use restraint, reduce your costs, interests and modify your SOPs, banking demands and non-essential needs.

    In case you require urgent assistance with respect to EMIs, dues or other security concerns, please advise your responsible and direct Bank employee with FULL knowledge of this case to call me between 11:00 to 17:00 hrs to registered mobile number or write an email from official mailbox. Other means of contact are ignorance and illegal practice as per my policies. And from an ethical, ideological, religious and moral standpoint, I’m more than glad to not respond or entertain capitalistic profiteers (and/or its agents) in any case – be it of any color, industry, sector or nationality.

  4. Dear Banker / Loan Profiteer,

    I regretfully reject your unilateral “rejection verdict” smartly violating RBI Resolution Framework 2.0, I am NOT your type of defined capitalist and as a policy NOT obliged to adhere to your profiteering cleverness. Your Bank’s behavior during pandemic was pathetically corrupt, so I’ve no reasons for sympathy either.

    It is needless to mention that I am ideologically NOT liable to repay anything as per YOUR terms & conditions, which are out of the scope of my basic understanding of human rights, finance or reasonableness.

    In the above circumstances, you’re advised to follow EMI and/or repayment constraints indefinitely and warn your connected agents as appropriate per UNHRC, unless communicated or mutually agreed or renegotiated reasonably on record.

    NB: Deliberate silence for many years, and later wake-up (JIT) some day to legally or technically claim for extortion, is no less than rotten corrupt behavior. These unbranded letters and replies are openly published for survival of transparency and truth, sooner or later. NOT for some branded fame, undue waiver, financial benefit, recognition or winning any ideological warfare.

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