Mobile application vs web application

A mobile application is downloaded by the user (typically from the App Store or Google Play) and installed directly onto their mobile device. Once installed, the user can launch the app from a shortcut on their phone. On the other hand, a web application is similar to a mobile website in that it is designed to work in modern browsers on any device (mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops). This means a user can simply visit a URL in their web browser (on any device, any size), and the application will run for them. Using the web application one click installer is the easiest way to get started. Best of all, anything you build with the web app can be downloaded and then compiled to run as a mobile application!

Mobile application development is advancing rapidly, because mobile devices are used increasingly. To build a mobile application for Android or iOS, you can may options available to compile, publish and promote. You first need to set up an environment for it (Eclipse, Android Studio, Dreamweaver, SMS Gateway, Payment Gateway, etc.). As technology forges ahead, making a mobile site version is no longer enough. It is becoming more popular and convenient to use mobile applications instead of opening the site in the browser. Popular Open Source CMS are developing with vibrant communities, so you also need to develop to keep pace with progress. In terms of integration with mobile platforms, there are many new inventions, which you should know and be able to use, because you want to move forward, right?

You can also redirect all the incoming mobile devices traffic to your mobile site, keeping your website intact for the desktop users. Uses smart caching and paging of images and the site only loads images if a visitor opens the page which stores the images. So even if you have a large amount of images to load, it will NOT slow down the speed. Refer Custom Development Plans at

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