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Child Care Programme in TISS Guwahati

Children are the most vulnerable section of the society. Inadequate assistance and support often push these children to be victims of unpleasant actions or incidents which disturb their daily lifestyle stability. It may also force them to be targets of physical, social as well as psychological violence.

With the rising need to address these concerns and elevate the conditions of the children in the society, there is an urgent necessity to understand these issues and deal with them in the larger sector. Therefore, TISS Guwahati has introduced a course of Child Care Programme for the first time in its institute.

The Child Care Programme would include a three years Bachelors Degree course in
1. Early Child Development
2. Child Protection

The courses will have both theoretical and practical components.
Candidate applying for this course should have the minimum qualification of completing higher secondary examination.

For further details kindly contact,
Tata Institute of Social Sciences
14 A, Bhuban Road, Uzan Bazaar
Guwahati- 781001

M-9085224610 or 8721941471
Tel. 91 22 25525604 /05 / 21 / 22 / 25 / 26

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