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Illegal hoardings of charming leader brands: Bombay HC ask chelas to pay BMC

Making the areas hoarding-free should be the objective of every Corporation or Council and if this happens, it would be an ideal way to celebrate the national days. Recently, judges asked the civic bodies in Mumbai to give wide publicity to the grievance redressal mechanism adopted to remove illegal hoardings. The HC also allowed the citizens to file anonymous complaints in this regard, if they wanted to. The judges directed the civic bodies to introduce a dedicated website where complaints or photographs of such illegal hoardings can be uploaded for necessary action. Such websites should be on the lines of those websites already introduced by the civic bodies for complaints about potholes on streets and roads across the state, the judges said.

Political party members and brand gurus should be made to carry out social work in drought-affected villages instead of selfie hoarding and crazy multi-brand marketing promotions. They could contribute to trusts working for farmers and poor, for which they were elected in the first place. What is the cost of installing one hoarding, and if they had money to erect banners at all major functions and junctions, they would have money for this purpose also. Those granting permissions should also be responsible, they cannot say there is no need for licenses or permissions on our own hoardings.

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