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World Spice Congress

The World Spice Congress (WSC) has evolved to become THE global platform for discussion and interaction between importers, exporters, regulators and other stakeholders of the spice industry. The world is experiencing rapid changes in food safety issues as health authorities worldwide have embarked on a mission to make food safer for their countrymen. India’s internal food laws are now equally stringent. However, practical or utopian the new norms may be, the WSC 2016 will deliberate extensively on this as well as other issues and also bring the delegates up to speed on how India plans to make its food chain safe, reliable, consistent and most importantly – sustainable. The WSC 2016 will discuss crops, markets, recent trends in the spice industry and its humungous challenges. It will also explore feasible ideas and methods to help implement the concept of “Grow with India” and to assure the safe and clean delivery of spices on a consistent basis and in the most practical manner.

This much sought after event of the spice industry “World Spice Congress 2016” is scheduled to be held on 27, 28, 29 February, 2016 at Ahmedabad in the State of Gujarat just after the conclusion of “Gulf Food 2016” in Dubai.

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