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May the coming year be filled with happiness for you and your family.

That reminds, how many people will you or your organization call to boost results this year or the next! …Not many really – just kidding. But honestly, isn’t it easier for you to suggest people to check your web catalog or site. Actually, just wanted to make a point: how integral a part of our lives and businesses, the powerful ‘Website’ is becoming! It also helps you to send such announcements and mailers to your own customers with your own custom message at your own terms, not at mercy of extortionists and monsters like Faceless Books, Spy Machines, GooSearches or cluttered Tweets!

Now let’s look at it from a marketing standpoint. Don’t it reduce marketing costs? Isn’t it an amazing branding tool you own? A tool that stands prominently on the PC, Laptop or Phone of your customers. A tool that helps communicate your brand promise, organization goals, values, corporate ethos and more. And, at some times, something just humorous. In any case, it sure is a communication tool, par excellence. We specialize in conceptualization and designing (or redesigning) a right “Website” and Mailing System for you. Last but not the least, you can imagine the quality when it comes from us with many years of experience – delivering end-to-end web solutions for thousands of clients world-wide. Be it for art galleries, big hospitals, small shops, corporate sites, e-commerce or large membership portals.

Don’t get lured or fooled by the popular, cheap and highly advertised hosting or web service providers, you may lose long term reputation of your own website and business just for saving few bucks, while endorsing and following their brand! Own your own brand. Host and promote using our powerful, business class, white-listed and less crowded web servers, stand-out against monopolies of big dadies and old rocks, lead for a better Internet!

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