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The capitalism mafia involving industries of mining, hotel, travel, property, corporatism, dealers of weapons, religious bhakts / secularism dalals and others had played their sweet primary roles in association with governments and politicians to manufacture disasters. There has been an above average number of significant earthquakes and calamities since start of this century, most are man-made due to wars, mad development drives, weapon tests, terrorism and its counters – mother nature certainly dishes out her fair share of revenge. Many more such events awaits to engulf the exploding masses in future, with the planet releasing energy more often in reaction to events, aside from Pacific Ring of Fire “reserve of justice”.

Rivers & the crust have started exacting their revenge. Choked by rampant construction and bullied to change their course in the name of development, angry rivers leaves behind massive devastation in few rain-swept days. Large-scale construction of dams and absence of environmental regulations has led to the floods and other disasters. There are no incentives for selfless planning, local authorities are in control only to manage loot and bhakt selfies. The concrete houses built on river banks and hills are falling for good reasons. The floods are completely man-made, avoidable and criminal.

If we cannot overcome and overpower evil forces, that other defining trait of species homo sapiens, our wondrous brains, may lead us to develop and deploy a virus so contagious, so lethal, that the consequence could be more than just a gendemic / pandemic.

Many mining, housing and other development projects have been allowed without cumulative environment impact assessment on the region. With these projects come hotels, residential and commercial buildings, rails and roads. This piecemeal approach has contributed to the devastation. Studies by Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology has shown that the fury of flash floods over the north-west Himalayan region in the last 20 years has increased and a probable reason is global warming / climate raping.

A earthquake in hills will possibly end this horror story, but unfortunately not for the greedy and corrupt #chorbhakts who are enjoying life as usual. The soil there is completely loose and the townships are coming up like there is no tomorrow. It’s the same story everywhere, from Mithi river in Bombay to the vanishing lakes in Bangalore to dumping of sewage in the lakes of all our hill stations! The typical “Raam Bharose” attitude is going to be the reason of all future devastations and nature’s fury. A question to ponder: Why God help prevent extinction of such mutated and exponentially multiplying species? Instead of exploring jugaad technologies to build and develop safe cocoons cum disaster-proof arks, VIP bunkers & caves, we must passionately listen to heart beats of our lonely living planet and learn to live with it, not outsmart it!

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One thought on “Man made floods, quakes, disasters and angry climate – nature’s shaking revenge!”

  1. Whether #JantaCurfew or #NetaCurfew everyone in a rush to live as long possible, by hook or crook? Today only #GreedCurfew is of any worth so nurture the nature or it tortures at odd times! – #CoronaTimes

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