One event in New Delhi, and all deeds of previous looters have gone for a holy twist, welcome the “peepli hide mirch masala”. Those chors, their whitish breeds and allies sittings in democracy houses directly responsible for suicide or murder of millions of such poor slaved humans for decades have got together in-time to bash the new comers and sell their award winning messiah performances. What an opportunity, even media traders are taking deep dips in search of priceless pearls or may even be storytelling to help producers with next bollywood crushing buster. It will not be a surprise if even chor bhakt family members of such daring souls sell sensation along with our great media monks and cinematic gods.

A land bill or whatever, the public resources gathered by tax collectors from common citizens never reaches the needy, period. Sadly, most of the laws / implementations are to protect the looting winners in mid-way, strategically! Why not acquire land from accidental rich landlords by force which they’ve not earned in the first place anyway and leave the poor farmers alone under-developed as per pro-western or some new revolutionary living standards? Yes, we live a world of zero-sums and elitist propaganda of rights and wrongs. Benchmark of development, success or growth is not same for all – learn the real mantras in recognizing diversity and working of human brains and inherited genes, beyond bookish and systemic genocides.

A revolt and protest by a poor farmer feeding PR machinery of political mafia and newsroom hot chats. How fortunate are we the 100 billion+ followers? We are really living in a democracy lead by a few thousand hardcore robin-hood cronies – #jaijugaad maharaja and prince chaplusi groups revolving in sync like the universe and time! Rest assured, the real killers will soon be found and populated using powerful net neutral corporate networks – care to digest with some compromise pills, remember to vote those “selfie nationalist brands” on time and live well.

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