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Basic Electronics
• Current, Voltage, Ampere, Wattage
• AC and DC supply.
• Resistor with its ohm’s law.
• Diodes with rectifiers.
• Capacitors, Inductors.
• Transformers, crystal
• Transistors and MOSFET.
• Digital electronics
• Integrated chips
• Component checking by Digital multi-meter.
• Types of Power supply and it’s working.
• Adopter working principal

Instrument handling
• Soldering and disordering
• Digital multi-meter
• Removing ICs by Hot Air Gun Machine (SMD Machine).
• ICs re-balling by BGA machine.
• BGA Rework
• Oscilloscope
• Ram card tester
• CPU socket tester
• Debug card
• Power Unit for short circuit testing
• Regulated Power Supply
• Oven Reflow

Advance Laptop Service Training (Chip Level)
• Laptop Assembling and dissembling.
• Linear Regulator & PWM power supply
• Desktop motherboard Power sequence
• Laptop power steam & VRM, suspended voltage & always voltages
• Voltages on different chips
• Laptop different section working principal
• Block diagram of Laptop & signal flow
• Clock frq. & voltage flow on motherboard
• Battery charging section
• LCD & LED section.
• Inverter Section and CCFL.
• CPU fundamental
• SIO function and pin out
• Function of MCH, ICH, Clock, Bios chips,
• Second generation power seq. & PCH function
• Function of audio section, network section, SATA, USB.
• Function of Touch pad & keyboard
• Reset signal seq.
• Bios programming
• ICs detail and function.
• Different connectors and sockets.
• Fault finding procedure of laptop.
• Use of Debug card post error code.
• Common problem of different motherboards.
• Fault finding using digital multi-meter & socket tester
• Fault finding using Oscilloscope.
• Different password removing methods and steps.(Dell, IBM)
• Reading schematics diagram & DATA sheets of different ICs.
• HINGES & body fabrication etc.
• Practical chip level faults finding
• Core i3,i5,i7 1st generation to 5th generation

Free Technical DVD
(Service Manuals & Schematics, notes, chips Datasheet, repair flowchart, password recovery tools, Video & software, utility).

Job or business assistance
Unlimited Practicals with many models and makes

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