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New Delhi: Tech-agency SolutionPoint, completed its 15 years in Service.

At the close of years of service, SolutionPoint now serves to clients in all major cities throughout India. SolutionPoint’s operation both develops, hosts and manages digital assets of most reliable platforms. SolutionPoint evaluates and makes websites and apps with varying specifications and complexities.

When SolutionPoint initially launched in 2005, it immediately became recognized for its streamlined IT solutions. While best known for simplifying domain buying with its initial solution, SolutionPoint today, is able to provide the best possible experience in digital market thanks to an expanding portfolio of customer centric solutions and services.

SolutionPoint also serves few clients US & UK.

SolutionPoint offers online selling solutions as well as others including innovative eLearning, CMS, CRM customization, web site renovations, and more. SolutionPoint has achieved much in its first 5 years, both locally and nationwide:

  • India launch in 2005
  • Now serving many cities
  • 95 percent customer satisfaction nationwide
  • Expansion of SolutionPoint’s Alliance program

“Since even before our launch, SolutionPoint was receiving outsourcing offers / requests. Now, after serving many geographical areas for more than 15 years, we are proud to have helped hundreds of clients have better digital experiences,” said the company’s marketing director, S Kumar. “With recently announced solutions and partnerships centered on making this process even smoother for consumers, we’re sure to build on our 15 years dedication going into our 16th year.. and much beyond”

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