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Situational Leadership Video Innovative format for E-Learning

Infinite Graphic Solutions launched the most Innovative format for E-Learning. With the help of Doodle / Whiteboard animation a complex theory can be made simple, easy and effective. Did you know that doodle videos are proven to be 800% more engaging than words on a page or blogs. Its four times more effective than a headshot video. A Forbes study revealed that 59% of C-Suite executives would prefer to watch a video than read text if both were presented on the same page.

Have you ever struggled to mange post training implementation?
Do you struggle getting your point across with your GenY employees who seem to have an attention deficit disorder?
If yes , short doodle video is the most effective format.

Infinite Graphic Solutions specializes in creating short story-like Doodle Videos which are impactful in teaching a particular concept in one of the most engaging ways.

Our Product
In our first off-the-shelf video on Situational Leadership, we have tried to capture the different styles of leadership in a very simple and easy to learn format. This is a short seven minutes video which can be used to summarize the concept in a unique way during your training programs or used for spaced repetition to reinforce the concept after a training program or used effectively to cover your large employee base across all locations.

Please click on this link to see a quick preview of the video
For more info visit :

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