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India is very popular for its health sector and there have been a lot of people coming to India for various treatments and care. The one thing that makes India one of the best in the healthcare business is it’s very much affordable treatment compared to the western countries. Similarly, the dental sector has evolved a lot in the last few decades with the inception of modern technology in dentistry. There are many popular dental care providers all over the country. One of those is Nayar Dental Care Centre in Delhi/NCR, which has been quite a revolution since 2010, the year that it was founded.

Nayar Dental Care Centre is an ISO 9001:2008 certified dental care centre. It is the leading dental care centre in Delhi/NCR and has been quite popular in branding its quality and services online. The pioneer behind this centre is Dr. Rohit Nayar (MDS) who is also very renowned dentist in Noida. It was from this centre, that started promoting its brand Online, soon after which was incorporated by other dental setups. The international quality of services provided by the centre has made it quite popular among the residents of Delhi/NCR, that is why there are so many patients that come here for treatment and surgeries. Nayar Dental Care Centre comprises of specialist dental team from all the sectors providing overall quality treatment to the patients.

Nayar Dental Care Centre was first started by Dr. Rohit Nayar (MDS) the dental team head at the centre. The doctors here are among the finest in this sector and are very much experienced. Let’s find out the team:

# Dr. Rohit Nayar (M.D.S) – Endodontist (Dental Head)
# Dr. Neha Nayar (M.D.S) – Prosthodontist
# Dr. Kuber Sood (M.D.S) – Implantologist
# Dr. Aval Luthra (MDS) – Orthodontist
# Dr. Vaibhav Agarwal (MDS) – Periodontist
# Dr. Praveen Garg (MDS) – Oral Surgeon
# Dr. Anshul Singhal (MDS) – Oral Surgeon
# Dr Siddharth Gupta (MDS) – Oral Radiologist
# Dr Namrata (BDS) – Sr. Dental Surgeon
# Dr. Deepa Balayan (BDS) – Sr. Dental Surgeon

Nayar Dental Care Centre has been providing quality dental care in Noida for quite some time now and some of its popular services are as follows –

# Cosmetic Dentistry
# Full Mouth Rehabilitation
# Dental Bridges
# Dental Implants
# Dentistry for Children
# Root Canal Treatments
# Instant Tooth Whitening
# Dental Braces

To know more about us –

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