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Modern / Contemporary Galleries in Lado Sarai, Delhi: A high street of art

The younger generation are diversifying investments by acquiring artwork. Such collectors are often new to art world, welcoming exposure to different art forms and keen to increase their knowledge in art by first browsing the social media and art gallery websites before making real physical visits. India is at the top of the list for international galleries and artists who are focusing on emerging art markets. Lado Sarai in the Southwest Delhi is an autonomous village (Lal Dora) which means it is not subject to the restrictive planning policies of the municipal authorities and rents are far lower than in central Delhi.

Lado Sarai is a district full of small retail stores and enjoys relatively low rent on large spaces, it is no surprise that many galleries are located here viz Anant Art Gallery, Exhibit 320, Bajaj Capital Art House, Art Positive, Art.Motif, Gallery Threshold, Art Eterne, Latitude 28, Krishna’s Collection, Must Art Gallery, Artoholic’s and many more. A popular art district where collectors can find a variety of galleries and artwork and since the galleries are all roughly located on the same street, visitors can hop from one to the other easily. The galleries also benefit from their close proximity by scheduling exhibition openings and public events.

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