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Missions to far objects of universe are surely successes of astronomical order for the scientific community, though it cannot be a stimulant to soothe the suffering billions on Earth. Like West, we may have triumphed an interplanetary mission, placing a satellite into orbit around Mars, but real focus of the elite club of deep-space explorers worldwide is to secure and reserve safe-heavens for its paymasters – rulers and its rich allies. Where will the Martian cronies flee in case of mass-uprisings in digital future? How will they monitor and target when Earthly regions opposing them gets bigger and bigger?

Our space programs can conduct complex missions and act as launch pad for commercial, navigational and research satellites for rest of the world. Surely we have a robust scientific and technical educational system that produce millions of software programmers, engineers and doctors – but mostly in laps of big corporates building custom launch-pads for masters, far from furthering human endeavors to build a better planet. World is not Enough. Is just access to knowledge enough?

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