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UGJT tournaments are open to Ultimate golf junior tour members only. To become a member one needs to register on the UGJT website. Upcoming UGJT tournaments when open for registration will be put up on the website . Registration for the tournament will close six days prior to the date of the tournament, Entries will be accepted on a first come first serve basis . To see the list of Tournaments please go to Location and dates or Click here to register.

In the event of a tournament being oversubscribed, he / she will be put on the waiting list. Players on the wait list may be put on the confirmed list on account of withdrawal by players who have secured a spot. Players will be informed of their status (Confirmed / Wait-list) by E-mail, wait listed players who are unable to make it to the confirmed list will receive a full refund of the tournament fee.

Late Entry policy – Entries will close six days prior to the tournament date . If a player wishes to enter after the registration for the tournament has closed, he / she may write to the tournament committee requesting for the same. The decision of the tournament committee will be communicated by E-mail.

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