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Preventive Health Checkup from Thyrocare

Thyrocare introduces Aarogyam 1.3 , a comprehensive Preventive Health Checkup Profile which is highly recommended especially for the working class people: Ideal for those who: Diabetic Obese Eat Junk Food Above age of 30 Always stressed Lead sedentary lifestyle

Liver Profile ( 11 Tests ) : Liver measures various molecules in the blood reflecting whether the liver has been functioning normally or not and thereby helping us to know if there is inflammation or infection.

Renal Profile ( 5 Tests ) : Kidney function is disturbed by two major illness vis diabetes and Hypertension . Renal profile helps you identify the status of kidney function.

Diabetics Screen ( 2 Tests ) : HbA1C test provides a broader picture of your overall glucose control in last 90 days.

Iron deficiency profile ( 3 Tests ) : Deficiency in Iron as it can lead to anemia, if detected timely, can be easily treated with adequate diet and medication is important to detect,

Lipid profile ( 7 Tests ) : Otherwise known as cholesterol test, indicates the level of risk towards heart ailments.

Thyroid Profile ( 3 Tests ) : The values of TSH help is evaluating thyroidal disorders. Hormonal Imbalance.

Vitamin Deficiency Profile ( 2 Tests ) : vitamin D deficiency can cause several disorders like osteoporosis,sclerosis, bone diseases,diabetes and even cancers. Vitamin B12is crucial for proper formation of red blood cells and normal functioning of brain and nervous system. If left untreated it can resultin anemia as well as irreversible nerve and brain damage.

Hemogram ( 28 Tests ) : Hemogram gives a complete story of blood components in terms of various blood cells in their sizes , volumes and counts . It is a very basic and useful test to assess general health of a person.

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