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The countdown clocks have clicked down towards zero the security forces are on alert to showcase readiness and south American power. Roads usually choked with traffic are emptying of cars. Schools have closed. Offices are closing early. Millions are ready to stick to TV sets for cheering just kicks. The biggest, costliest and controversial tournament in the sport’s history will get under way at the Itaquerão stadium with a star-studded ceremony and a match between Brazil and Croatia.

Brazil is arguably the most football-obsessed nation on Earth, with the most successful record in World Cup history and a reputation as a party capital. But this tournament is more heavy with political significance, coming as it does in the midst of a crisis of confidence in the way that both Brazil and global football are run. Odebrecht – the biggest construction firm in Brazil and a major contributor to Rousseff’s Workers political party – looks to be among the major beneficiaries of the tournament as per media reports which is quite similar to how big brands loot here in India using cricket and politicians. Forgive for a while and enjoy kick-off of the world’s biggest football tournament and watch out for special reviews.

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