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It is not acceptable. We totally disagree with it. Such adventurous approach will create a lot of harm and damage to democratic institutions.. how dare the activists and citizens even dream of knowing how we the poor ruling kings, cronies and queens earn our living? It may increase transparency and help in curbing things like scams, economic terror and corruption cases, but how we earn our living, how we survive? How sad that many outside politics have fundamental misconceptions about the role of poor political parties caught in the crossfire of vested interests while saving our spotless parliamentary democracy via innovation in EVM jugaad. It must admit to harboring a continuing blind eye to what common people sometimes deal with in our society. It is important to be reminded that we are becoming a deeply flawed and divided country in many areas.

We have so many agencies, doing so many research surveys, expert reports, ratings, markings, etc.. Is it unreasonable to ask #SupremeCourt why not govt officials, millionaires & politicians face #polygraph tests, digitally certified & rated each year? Integrate with AADHAR UUID and publish on a portal app for public search / reference! Yearly cost can be much less than what they spend in one election marketing campaign.

Shrewd political cats normally close their eyes while drinking creamy milk… can even RTI or genuine judgments help dilute that? We subconsciously shut our eyes if we are purely enjoying something – so are these clever cats. Time may have come when political parties needs to leave feudal mindset and wake up to a new emerging India. Accountability of the political class through the RTI can help in breaking the nexus of criminalisation of politics and black money, will surely be a first step forward. But will the ganged-up good cop / bad cop parties let it happen? Laws control lesser man, right conduct controls greater one, neither control politicians but wealth / fame, and for the ruling elite of #ChorBhakts / #cronies “self-centered infatuation” = “selfie nationalism” purely for bucks!

Being mathematically literate, of course, I look for ‘common denominators’ among such morally challenging stories and social phenomena, which is untrue sometimes, I agree!

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