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Is it a politician + NGO + Media show-off over women’s security?

Considering upcoming elections, it sounds like a politician + NGO + Media show-off over the shameful rape of a toddler among many other similar disgusting acts. If they are really serious or NOT can only be proved 1/2 years down the line! Hope the well-off, elite female activists who are emitting high decibel bytes have some real social meaning rather than taking side of one party or another for incentives – covertly or overtly.

Now, coming to justice. Forget Rs. 2000 bribed by those security assholes to victim’s family, you will be surprised to know a fact that some well-connected lawyers can charge thousands of rupees per hearing of few minutes per day depending on the pockets of client rather than merits of a case. These so-called money-sucking immoral advocates are abundant near any court in India, though they are no less than a extortionist, who cares. Much before a real judgment, a common men can guess who gets a biased justice and for whom it is always delayed or denied!

Police, officials and politicians are reacting as usual. Some for the limelight, some keeping elections in mind but most commoners with genuine concern. While some demand action to improve the security of “girl child, daughters, sisters and mothers”, some others say “hang the rapists”.

Looking at the type of governments we have, it is no wonder the security forces are fearlessly marching behind them. That is corrupt, non-functional, incompetent and most important useless. Also one wonders why the well-to-do security agencies are not yet motivated, trained and equipped to deal with such situations and punish only those guilty, who must wake-up before people lose little remaining faith in police, votes and judiciary. A short answer is they spend most of their daily duty time looking-out and plotting for more notes from as many commoners! Add to it our popular cinema, vulgar adverts, politics and media who are notoriously manipulative, reacting to the gallery, and as always a lot of gimmickry.

The big question is, will the police punish real culprits? Roam around streets of any Indian city which are hijacked by policewalas with barricades erected and safety checks done on the poor motorists during office hour. Real intention is not traffic safety but something else. Ask the same men to report as soon as possible for a distress call of a victim, the agility they show while checking for helmets, docs or PSU certificates will vaporize. They not only mess up their duty outside but also make a hara-kiri of their in-office behavior. If hospitality is taken into account even the Talibanis might file a case in international court to exonerate them of any false accusation on their ‘worst in the world’ unruly behavior towards the visitors. In fact, at times, one feels law and order has got nothing to do with police force. Maybe it the reverse!

One more great quality of our police force is that they are so pathetically predictable. How many times you have seen people getting away from serious traffic offenses by paying Rs. 100 note or worse at times even a bottle of soft drink? What is predictable here is the confidence in you to approach the police with an offer of bribe and more often than not coming out with flying colors. No wonder, some estimates say 1/4th of all the corrupt of India belong to police forces. The force definitely deserves a big salute.

So let us not let our flame of righteousness die before the necessities and practicalities of earning our living. We need to continue our protests for a more fair and just society – “need for a cultural renaissance in overdue for this country”. Current tweaks, jugaads and celeb performances are just art without real essence!

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