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Mumbai gears up for a social enterprise gathering

Sankalp Forum’s annual summit brings together global industry heavyweights like Antony Bugg-Levine, Susanne Dorasil, Vineet Rai and TCA Ranganathan. Cash prizes and grants of around INR 4 Million to be awarded here along with a host of other benefits.

Sankalp Forum’s annual summit is back with its 5th edition. This time it has joined forces with Villgro’s Unconvention to create the Sankalp Unconvention Summit 2013 and consolidate the social enterprise space in India.

With a focus on “Looking Beyond Impact: Seeking Transformational Change”, the Summit will take up a debate on the evolving role of social businesses and the impact investing industry in changing lives of people at the base of the pyramid. Through thought-leading discourses, global knowledge-transfer and dialog, the Summit will take stock of measures that have been enabling the work of social enterprises in bringing transformational change, and identify measures for the future.

In 2012, the Summit was attended by over 700 delegates from 343 organizations across the social and mainstream space. Of the 168 social enterprises who attended from countries like Vietnam, Nigeria and USA, 31 got to pitch their businesses to investors, 45 secured mentoring opportunities with sector experts, and all of them connected with enablers and crucial networks.

This year, with over 1000 delegates in attendance on each of the 3 days, the Sankalp Unconvention Summit will disseminate awards and grants totaling INR 4.3 million. It will also do what no other gathering does – organize garage sessions, mentoring clinics and workshops to help early-stage entrepreneurs address capacity roadblocks, alongside featuring cutting edge discussions that will go beyond conventional definitions of impact. Aparajita Agrawal, Director of Sankalp Forum, stated, “The Summit is a culmination of learnings and lessons gathered round the year by Sankalp Forum in partnership with practitioners like IFC, NASE and early-stage social entrepreneurs, crafted to dive deeper into what it means to holistically improve lives at the base of the pyramid.”

Key confirmed participants include Ms Susanne Dorasil from the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation & Development (BMZ), Impact Investing Champion Mr Antony Bugg-Levine, Omidyar Network’s Mr Jayant Sinha and CMD of Exim Bank Mr TCA Ranganathan.

For registrations please visit

About Sankalp Forum

Sankalp Forum (, an Intellecap initiative, recognizes & supports innovative, sustainable, high impact social enterprises. It builds an enabling ecosystem for early-stage businesses, channels impact investments, and engages over 11,000 stakeholders globally through collaborative year-round initiatives. It mobilizes a community of entrepreneurs, investors, enablers and policy-makers to encourage innovation, facilitate scalability, and drive consensus on matters that aid social enterprise development.

Sankalp’s Annual Summit is the largest social enterprise focused gathering in the world, and in 2013 it partnered with Unconvention to become the Sankalp Unconvention Summit. The Summit brings together more than 1,000 delegates, thought leaders, industry experts, policy makers from around the world to voice, discuss, debate issues, trends and solutions that aid social enterprise development.

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