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New website with user-friendly investors advice, property training Platform and Mobile first Design

The new design provides an easy and an unprecedented access to the investors on property development, asset management and building wealth through real estate.

Asutosh Srivastava unveiled a brand new website designed to provide property investors with easy access to all real estate investment related information, news and advice. The website is fully responsive for any desktop/laptop, tablet and mobile (Iphone/android) and features a bespoke build search and information portal that allows visitors to the website understand the nitty-gritties relates to real estate investment in India, and UK. It gives a quick and easy, user friendly way to seek consultation on best ways to buy a property, asset management and buy-to-let property investments. The new website takes into account several features including the mortgage calculator.

Mr Asutosh Srivastava the founder and the mastermind behind this website has invested considerable amount of time and effort to ensure a stress-free user friendly experience while providing up-to-date, relevant information and appropriate advice regarding private, commercial, buy to let properties in UK.

As per Mr. Srivastava, “Since the Brexit there has been a tremendous opportunity for the overseas investors particularly Indians to invest in UK property due to the devaluation of pounds and fall in the property rates. The property market in 2017 (at least for a short run) has become most attractive to the Indian investors because of the uncertainty driven by sentiments.”
“We hope that the new website will provide our online visitors with immediate, easy-to-navigate access to the current, relevant and in-depth property investment news and information in UK, alongside providing property consulting services through our online portal.” He further added, “Our goal is to become the leading resource for reliable information on issues impacting real estate investors, commercial property owners, real estate owners and commercial lease holders.”

Asutosh Srivastava also offers the new budding property agents and investors an opportunity to tap into the vast knowledge bank and real estate expertise through free property investment courses and property management training.

About Austosh Srivastava:
Mr. Asutosh Srivastava, a Chartered Accountant by profession, converted his passion for real estate into a successful venture by building an empire through constructing and investing in properties in Mumbai, Thane, Pune and NCR, New Delhi. To expand horizons he trained under Robert Kiyosaki Enterprise Rich Dad Education namely Tigrent Education LLC London United Kingdom and further coached under UK’s Largest Landlord and Multi-Millionaire Kevin Alan Green of Wealth Coach. In a mere span of 3 to 5 years he made a benchmark alleviating individual to get Financial freedom. To define Mr Srivastava – he is a Professional property investor first, then a coach, trainer, consultant and property resource for the UK. Working with few top real estate property investor, Mortgage broker, Letting agents and property managers in the UK.

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