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Banking Termites Scamming many communities into bankruptcy

What the Wall and Democracy Streets learned from the Mafia? How to reach into the penny jars (or donation lockers) of dying hospitals, citizens and schools and transform their desperation and civic panic into fat year-end bonuses, commissions and the occasional “big lunch.”

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The Billion $ Story of The Great India Food Brand – Haldiram’s

Story Line:- From a small shop in Bikaner to a $1 Billion Snack Food Brand. Haldiram’s marked the $1 Billion revenue in 2019.

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Global Functional Safety Market By Region

Market Definition: Functional safety is the sub segment of the overall safety of a system or piece of equipment which are based on automatic protection. The purpose of functional safety is freedom from unbearable risk of physical injury or of damage to the health of people.The report study has analyzed revenue impact of covid-19 pandemic […]

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Digital Media and Advertising Trends – An Outline at Covid Times Era

As We all are going through an unprecedented time, a ‘black duck’ event that has sent shockwaves across the global economy – from large businesses to tiny next-door businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic has spared no one. COVID-19 has shocked the world and sent economies spinning. Many businesses houses are fighting to survive, and marketing will […]

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RBI COVID-19 measures & rescue guidelines are real or PR gimmick?

If consumers choose to avail the benefit of moratorium, borrower’s so-called credit rating will not be impacted. All of this in paper and rule books, what happens in practice only those millions of suffering locked lot can have any say!

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Exclusive .GURU Domain Name promo @ Rs.570!

The .GURU Domain Name stands as the natural domain of choice for consultants of all categories – both large and small – to highlight their social and philanthropic endeavors and strengthen their disciple relationships. This promo is available at an exclusive price of Rs. 570 till 28th Feb 2020.

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List Of Schools in Delhi NCR – 2020 Rank by Costs & Online Learning

School is one of the first definitive step in education. To make your search more conclusive each school mentioned in this list will be non-elitist or brand savvy. Educators are encouraged to add their school as comment below for inclusion in India’s best “school search engine”. Should Govt run schools be left behind, just to […]

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Gurgaon Realty group – Property Underwriters Delhi NCR

As underwriters, we put a stake in the project ourselves by investing in it – naturally, we are ensure that these projects are the finest in the market. We deal in bulk volume, and therefore able to pass on the price benefit to our customer ( by way of special discount and others). As channel […]

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The Non-Performing Assets or NPA game by banks & capital goons

Heck with public deposits, our return increases in proportion with Bank NPA! Budget concerns also needed to showcase once in a while, for the record. The NPA (not Nuclear Weapons Program) game is also profitable for private #SwachhBanks run by versatile money laundering cronies. Popular schemes are often used to soften the pricing terms, elongation of repayments, without improving the basic viability of the business or credibility of jugaadu cronies.

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Ready-made combo plan for startup – 1 Week Website Launch!

We are glad to announce new Combo Plans. Whether you’re a #StartUp, Small Business or Grown-up Large Enterprise – Our “Go Online” Combo Offers have you covered. Listed below are some Frequently Asked Questions for Combo Plans to launch your Start Up dream! What are Combo Plans? Combo Plans are a combination of Domain names, […]

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