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Dealing with bio-weapons, as Nazi-nationalism spreads globally riding on capital viruses, demonizing socialism!

Wall Street deals coronavirus bio-weapon on backup social profiling and asking employees to work / hangout within walls of home. Bioweapons such as Anthrax, Botulism, SARS & Variola have been studied as weapons, engineered and in some cases even deployed to devastating affect. Now #COVID19 is engaging populations in much smarter bio-drapa and bio-wuhan superpower ways, digital cats are milking? Only difference between two UNSC giants: the US employs some of our desi economic migrants in its core R&D programs.

Intriguingly, a top-level Chinese bio-defense lab is also in Wuhan, epicenter of novel coronavirus. Taking a side means being a war mongering partner. Biological warfare – also known as germ warfare – is the use of biological toxins or infectious agents such as bacteria, viruses, insects, and fungi with the intent to kill or incapacitate humans, animals or plants as an act of war. Biological weapons are living organisms or replicating entities. Biological warfare agents can be disseminated in various ways. Through the air by aerosol sprays: To be an effective biological weapon, airborne germs must be dispersed as fine particles. To be infected, a person must breathe a sufficient quantity of particles into the lungs to cause illness.

Various types of biological warfare (BW) have been practiced repeatedly throughout history. This has included the use of biological agents (bats, microbes and plants) as well as the biotoxins, including venoms, derived from them. In effect, biological warfare is using non-human life to disrupt – or end – human life. Because living organisms can be unpredictable and incredibly resilient, biological weapons are difficult to control, potentially devastating on a global scale, and prohibited globally under numerous treaties.

Pentagon’s bioweapons research began before the UN’s “Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons and on their Destruction” went into effect in 1975 but continued unabated afterwards. We get away with this because doing research on ways to defend against biological attack are permitted under the convention, and to develop defenses against a certain biological weapon you have first to create the weapon. If you take solace in the fact at least there is a convention banning biological weapons, remember that the use of poison gas on the battlefield was prohibited by the Hague Convention a decade before all the major contenders in WW I used it.

During World War II, many of the parties involved looked into biological warfare with great interest, undeclared digital World War III is no exception. The Allies built facilities capable of mass producing anthrax spores, brucellosis, and botulism toxins. Thankfully, the war ended before they were used. It was the Japanese who made the most use of biological weapons during World War II, as among other terrifyingly indiscriminate attacks, the Japanese Army Air Force dropped ceramic bombs full of fleas carrying the bubonic plague on Ningbo, China.

The idea of a bioweapon that targets a particular genotype has been around for decades. In their blueprint for world conquest, Rebuilding America’s Defenses (2000), the neocons behind the Project for the New American Century (Rumsfeld, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Kristol, et al.) postulated “…advanced forms of biological warfare that can ‘target’ specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically and economically useful tool.” Gives new meaning to the term “genocide”, doesn’t it?

Because some pathogens are less robust than others, the type of pathogen used will define how it can be deployed. Utilizing such weapons holds a certain appeal to terrorists; they have the potential to cause great harm, of course, but they are also fairly cheap to produce when compared with missiles or other more hi-tech equipment. Also, they can be “detonated,” and, due to the long time that it takes for them to spread and take effect, there is plenty of time for the perpetrator to escape undetected. Biological weapons can be difficult to control or predict in a battlefield situation, since there is a substantial risk that troops on both sides will be affected. However, if a terrorist is interested in attacking a distant target as a lone operant, bioterrorism carries much less risk to the person.

If you assume that, if we were engaged in such a nefarious pursuit as devising an aimable, deadly microbe, you would have read about it, let me point out that Harry Truman, when he was Vice President, did not know we were working on the atom bomb. Here’s a list of some bio-weapon related events which probably didn’t make the pages of big media brands:

  • 1956: Air Force drops swarms of mosquitoes on Savannah to test their survival rate
  • 1960: Army exposes US troops to intentionally starved mosquitoes in Utah
  • 2001: US weaponizing of anthrax exposed when a Ft. Detrick scientist mails some to politicians post-911
  • 2012: Army continues testing dissemination of several deadly diseases in Utah
  • 2014: non-native, biting flies appear in Georgia after US biolab in that country performs tests on just such flies
  • 2014-2017: outbreaks of several unusual diseases, including Swine Flu, Botulism, and Cholera, occur in Ukraine, a country hosting 11 US biolabs
  • 2017: Afghanistan experiences a spike in cases of tick-borne hemorrhagic fever at a time the US is doing research on ticks as a transmission vector
  • 2019: The rise and fall of Corona, perhaps bats getting unstable neuron shots, Benito jabs
  • Ongoing: Govt agencies collects DNA / RNA samples of non-conforming subjects, profiling for distribution of vaccines and treatments.

Perhaps you find all this the paranoid raving of a cynical, demented person. I hope it is. But just in case, ponder if there isn’t some ways we can avoid a catastrophe truly existential by outgrowing our caveman-like propensity to engage in eternal and continuous conflicts, a trait so characteristic of our species as to seem genetic. If we cannot overcome and overpower evil forces, that other defining trait of species homo sapiens, our wondrous brains, may lead us to develop and deploy viruses so contagious, so lethal, that the consequence could be much more than just a gendemic / pandemic, blaming god’s villain bats or climate.

One thought on “Dealing with bio-weapons, as Nazi-nationalism spreads globally riding on capital viruses, demonizing socialism!”

  1. After decades of suffering, working class must now get ready for great resistance 🔥 under great depression, greater unemployment and greatest Coronavirus & Climate hardship deliberately injected by 1% capitalist crooks (right-wing philanthropists) hiding in safe state-funded bunkers. COVID-19 has reversed our collective myopia: it is now easier to imagine the end of capitalism than end of the world. Our response could slingshot the world toward a better future, but it could equally accelerate the conditions for its decline, as predators are also trying to over-smart messenger bats!

    The sociopath brands like Facebook, Google, Whatsapp, Micro Zoom, Soft Apple, Amazon, bla bla are neither real technology innovators or saviors, a better term for the gang is “daemonic capitalists” who’re just genetically superior exploiters wearing philanthropic rescue suits, with a popular brand embossed.

    Expect more Snobby Bhakt Tech propaganda in future: Reverse engineered bat viruses will zombify human cells demanding vaccines which will mutate around human bodies and yield for smart profiteers.

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