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7 Habits of Highly Effective but Corrupt Morons

These are not acrimonious views, but will be part of a real life book with experiences from the world around – work restarted and in progress. Some chapters and excerpts on what to expect are as below:

Habit 1: Always grab a position of authority, by hook or crook.

Corrupt Morons are everywhere but ones causing most damage are in higher positions with excess power and authority. For example business owners, investment advisers, religious gurus, education cronies, sales bosses, politicians, etc

Habit 2: Such morons fantasize that they are saviors of humanity, excreting wealth!

They think themselves as inspirational leaders and would give lectures full of jargon to people who out of cultural etiquette, elegance or respect to the moron’s authority gratify them. (Think of a local party officer or MLM millionaire!)

Habit 3: They overestimate their deception

Morons lie, fudge and mislead others, but are completely unconscious to the fact that the listeners are on to their game, no immediate counter-attacks sometimes also means a much worse situation for the evil forces, sooner.

Habit 4: I know it all, I am agent of God

Such morons would jump into any discussion and pretend to know everything and try to lead the discussion forward through some foolish comments or religious sermons, making no sense whatsoever.

Habit 5: They hardly listen except their corrupt funders and fellow capitalists

When everybody is warning them about results of their actions, they would not pay heed and when they finally do face the consequences of their corruption, they would blame the very same people who have been warning them, i.e. honest messengers!

Habit 6: Get easily carried away or lured for money easily

Sex, money, fame, power are like sweet flowers to these corrupt bees.

Habit 7: Low level of self-awareness

Highly effective morons can go through all above 6 habits, laugh their gut out at other perceived morons that they might know, but not for a moment realizing or reflecting on their own status.

This is only an outline, final book may look completely different. More sections coming soon..

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