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Drupal Developer cum Front-End Themer

We at Solution Point, provide Drupal servers, customization, design, UI redesign, setup with many related support / services with Apache / Nginx, MariaDB / MySQL, Bootstrap, Node.js, CLI / Drush, Twig and PHP support.

We are currently looking for Web Developers who will be responsible for research, iterative development, theme design, and development on projects delivering CMS enabled (Drupal framework) web sites, native mobile applications for iOS and Android, and internal software focused on employee productivity, work stream automation, and collaboration.

You must have demonstrated knowledge of design principles and guidelines for area of expertise (i.e., visual design, interaction design, information / data visualization, user interface software)

You have demonstrated experience developing for and managing content in modern CMS tools such as Drupal, WordPress, Joomia, and/or Magento. Experience creating custom modules and plugins to extend core CMS functionality. Experience designing web CMS content that adheres to Web 2 accessibility standards. The desired person must be fully aware of server-side PHP framework with basic experience of MySQL.

The right Developer will have experience in the following:

At least 1 years of working with Drupal
Outstanding HTML / CSS / JS (including HTML5 and CSS3)
Always write clean semantic markup
Have used third party JavaScript libraries and frameworks
Working knowledge of back-end technologies and databases (PHP, MySQL)
Good Sass design sense (Photoshop / GIMP)
Working knowledge of CSS frameworks ( Foundation, Bootstrap etc..)
Always willing to learn new technologies

Required skills:

Excellent English – written and verbal
PHP7, NodeJS & Git
Drupal Site Building
Drupal Module Development
Drupal 7 & 8
Drupal API & Coding Standards
Drupal Theming knowledge

Mobile API:
Theme Docs:
General Docs:

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