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Vyom Solar LED Lightning, Home Appliances, Emergency Lights, Batteries, Water Purification

Vyom Industries is a pioneer in offering innovative solutions that leverages natural energy as well as battery-powered energy to minimize the reliance as well as the onus on electricity. With most of the manufacturing operations centered in India, Vyom Industries has also forayed into the international market to address the global appeal on energy saving concerns.

Vyom Industries has taken the initiative to offer Energy solutions in most economical, competent and streamlined manner. It specializes in customizing the products as per the feasibility of the clients. Vyom Industries is planning several strategic diversifications to compliment and augment its current product mix, which will be in harmony with the policy of being market leaders in Energy Solutions Providers through constant quality improvement, innovation and customer satisfaction.

The term OEM is synonymous with Vyom Industries a multi-domain industry group which predominantly belongs to the Energy Solutions Domain. As per the international guidelines, Vyom Industries has taken the initiative to provide world-class products with no compromises on the quality front. Aided by a decade long experience on Electronics, it took its inception in the year 2008 and was envisaged with a vision to provide affordable battery-powered home appliances and solar products within the sphere of a common man.

Vyom Industries has been catering many meticulously selected brands and surprisingly it is the brain-child behind the phenomenal success of some of the soaring brands who have already created a niche in the market owing to its breakthroughs and watersheds in its marketing history as an OEM. Vyom Industries has laid its foundation on three pillars of compatibility, reliability and stability which are the bedrocks of a trailblazer OEM. The trump card of Vyom Industries that it possesses a unique ability of dispensing After-Sales Service for its products a phenomenon usually witnessed in pioneering OEM’s around the globe.

We dispense the flexibility of customizing the products as per the Feasibility and requirement of the clients. The myriad of our products includes Solar Products, LED Lightning products, Home Appliances, Emergency Lights, Batteries, Water Purification system and Automobiles which are indigenously manufactured at our plant in Baddi (Himachal Pradesh) equipped with the state of the art paraphernalia over an expanse of 50000 sq ft.

Vyom Industries are equipped with robust assembly lines situated along with them are sub-assemblies fitted with various machineries. Vyom Industries has a capacity of churning out 1 lac units per month, the figure which bears strong testimony to the sinews of Vyom Industries. We are definitely hoping mutual camaraderie with our profile readers.

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