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Benefits of Lauki or Bottle Gourd Juice

Bottle gourd is one of healthiest, versatile vegetable full of minerals that keeps your body hydrated. Known as Lauki or Doodhi in India, bottle gourd is a vegetable high on water and is a rich source of vitamin C, K and calcium. It helps in maintaining a healthy heart and brings down bad cholesterol levels. […]

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Hackers & Hospital Ventilators vs Lobbying of Medical Device Companies

We are seeing how the monopolistic repair and lobbying practices of medical device companies are making our response to the coronavirus pandemic harder. Free software activists, as well as many scientists and medical professionals, have long since realized that proprietary medical software and devices are neither ethical nor adequate to our needs. The COVID-19 pandemic […]

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Online Lunch Breakfast Tiffin Order Gurugram

Contact new Online Lunch Breakfast Tiffin Order Delivery Store In Gurugram For All Occasions.

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How to become a fitness trainer in India?

As demand for qualified fitness trainers in India is growing – executives, housewives, youngsters across ages and professions are becoming health conscious, which has created several job opportunities for trainers. Fitness trainers work in gyms, big hotels, health clubs, fitness centers, etc. More coming soon

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Some farmers plant GMO seeds in real protest or just for more bucks by food poisoning?

Though in February 2010, Govt had announced an indefinite moratorium on commercialisation of Bt brinjal. Brinjal is the first GM food crop in India. The moratorium officially lasts till independent scientific studies establish the safety of Bt brinjal from the point of view of its long-term impact on human health and environment. Despite that some […]

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India Nutraceuticals Market Outlook

With High Prevalence of Lifestyle & Unknown Diseases coupled with Rising Awareness to Foster Future Growth this provides a comprehensive analysis of India nutraceuticals market. This focuses on overall market size for India nutraceuticals market, India nutraceuticals market segmentations on the bases of dietary supplements, functional food & beverages and distribution channels, dietary supplements sub-segmentation […]

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Fitness Training Industry of India

Nutraceuticals market in Asia Pacific would showcase high growth during the forecast period. Rising health consciousness among the Asia-Pacific countries is urging the manufacturers of functional foods to meet the transforming demand of growing nutrition. Manufacturers are introducing functional fortified foods for specific target audience which is helping them in generating extra revenue from the […]

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No policy to book celebs / babas for hyping pepsi cola chemicals, causing health disasters?

Showdown on one bunch of brands to promote another group in right time is no reform but pure corruption, cronies / bhaktoist rulers and their policy lobbying agents can peek here for more horror already injected into huge populations for after-ill benefits!

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Progression of Advance Infusion Systems to administer liquid drugs into patient’s circulatory system

Advanced Infusion Systems are a category of devices used to administer liquid drugs into the patient’s circulatory system. One of the best ways to administer a drug into the patient’s system is through intravenous, although arterial, subcutaneous and epidural infusion is more favourable. Advanced Infusion Systems are widely used because of their dependable, ergonomic design […]

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Ayurvedic treatments and therapies in Chennai

Searching for Ayurvedic doctors in Chennai? Treatments and therapies from the Best Ayurvedic doctors in Chennai. Step into Ayurillam – the best health care center provides the best and effective solutions for various health related problems. Ayurveda is an excellent choice by which you can heal all types of diseases & also avoid those re-occurrence. […]

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