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What is Missi Roti?

A healthy and traditional bread combines goodness of whole wheat and black gram. Missi roti is not just about combining the wheat flour and gram flour and making roti – the onion, green chillies and carefully chosen blend of spices, makes it tastier and curd (plain yogurt) gives it soft texture. There are two popular […]

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Health and Personal Accidents Insurance Industry in Pakistan

• There has been a consistent decline in the number of life insurance companies mainly due to limited demand for life insurance on account of small urban market and presence of state-owned corporation, which enjoys almost a complete monopoly in the market and thus leaves very little share for other companies. • Pakistan’s public healthcare […]

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Fitness Trainer Certification in India

FSSA is pleased to announce they have increased the number of services they offer to trainers and users. When individuals are looking for something to do after work or at any time, FSSA website makes it easy to find indoor activities to remain active. What began as a service that helps with sports training has […]

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Health Awareness to Promote Demand for Wellness Products / Services

Philippines have been the most improved economy in terms of health and wellness across other regions if seen across the globe. Consumer health in Philippines is further expected to be benefited due to stable economic growth predicted in future especially by middle and high income consumers for whom health and wellness has become their first […]

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What are we the mentally-ill doing on this lovely planet?

Human life is not just a question of success or failure, matter or anti-matter, national or anti-national, mental or smart, saffron or red, rich or poor. Answer: Are we better than even lively ants? There is a path termed inward-going: the great journey to find the self soul. Another complementary path is outgoing, bringing out the self from within and letting it manifest in universe.

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Weakening of Drinkable Yogurt market in East Europe

Yogurt market has witnessed growth worldwide. Europe’s yogurt market is growing at a steady rate of 5% per year but growth is expected to decline in the next four years due to the economic conditions in European economies. Greek is famous for its strained yogurt and a supplier to many emerging economies. Overview of Drinkable […]

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Single Antigen Bead Testing: A novel testing methodology for detection of anti-HLA antibodies

The detection of anti-HLA antibodies helps to predict both the function and survival of transplant allografts.9 Most allograft damage is mediated though the activation of complement; C4d deposition is widely accepted as a marker for antibody-mediated rejection in renal allografts.1 DETECTION OF ANTI HLA ANTIBODIES Laboratory testing before transplantation includes cross matching donor cells (lymphocytes […]

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Body Care Leading Share in the Skincare Products Market

• Skincare market is expected to grow by both volume and value in coming years. • Under the influence of social media, Mexican men have become conscious about their physical appearance and are demanding more Skincare products. A detailed analysis of the Skincare industry. Category-wise coverage of different segments in the industry are also included […]

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Test Tube Baby in a IVF Center

There are many IVF centers propping up now-a-days. These IVF Clinics and specialists claims to deal in many similar services that run for the welfare of families, who are not blessed with organic kids. Best IVF Clinics always receive compliments and blessings from its patients and always continue to help others well above mere profit […]

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Adoption of Hybrid rice to Upsurge Global Rice Demand?

• Rice is the third highly produced crop after sugarcane and maize. • China is the biggest producer of rice in the world, followed by India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Thailand. • Change of the rice seed production and distribution system, and of the agriculture foundation. • Developing utilization of hybrid seeds, with a few […]

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