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Mr Narendra Modi unveils book on Revival of Indian Economy

Chief Minister of Gujarat, Mr Narendra Modi unveiled a novel book “Turn Around India” in the presence of eminent personalities including veteran politicians, corporate, entrepreneurs, capital market professionals and media persons at the Nava Sachivalaya this evening. Turn-Around India, focuses on the economic challenges facing India and the ways to turn them in to opportunities. […]

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Medical college seats on sale!

If they spend 30 lakh in just getting a seat, you can imagine how these desperate doc-chors and other pros will recover the money afterwards – sucking the hell out of poor patients body and consumers bank balance. In violation of the Supreme Court of India’s orders and audacious contempt of law, five reputed colleges […]

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Elite white-collar criminals getting away scot-free in India

When his reaction was sought on large-scale white-collar crimes taking place in the country the Chief Mentor of Infosys Technologies Ltd said there should be quick investigation based on data and facts and the media should not play it up.

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In what ways you can learn from spying competitors?

“With great dynamic relation come great commissions, transparency is boring without omissions”

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Embedding ethics in Indian Real Estate Market

Worst enemy to the growth of Real Estate Business in India is the conventional and unethical business model that our so called “Street Dalal’s” are nurturing. This model is not only spreading bad breadth in Real Estate environment, but also promoting more corruption in the entire industry. Every other street corner is filled with uneducated, […]

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Real Estate Agency & Brokerage Practices in India – Trends / Tips

A reputation for integrity and ethical business conduct will be quite important in agency business anywhere in the world. Finally, if you works hard, plays hard and thinks fast – success in somewhere near you. Successful people are tenacious, dependable, inspiring, helpful and highly driven. Get a Real Estate PR blog and start spreading good things.

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