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Benefit from all the advantages that a locally hosted cloud servers provides with affordable pricing, high-performing, persistent SSD based block storage on powerful ZFS for maximum I/O performance and data-protection. Our VPS clouds runs at warp speed, configure networks simply and securely, IP addresses, DNS, firewall, protect data, clone a server, managed databases, CDN and more.

Lower Latency: Location of the server has a significant impact on website performance. For your clients that operate websites targeted at the Asian market, our India based cloud hosting provides blazing fast page loads and enhanced website and applications performance.

Better Visibility: Search Engines often prioritize websites based on their server location, and locally hosted websites tend to rank higher in search results. Offer this critical advantage to your customers thus helping them boost visits to their websites.

Scalable Infrastructure: Offer hosting on scalable and powerful Servers. This provides you a high level of resiliency and security, along with redundant power, HVAC and fire detection systems that guarantee 99.99% uptime.

Highly Affordable Price: VPS plans will be available in convenient plans which allow ample flexibility and are competitively priced. Plans start at just INR 950!

VPS Servers – Key Features: Our stable, secure and optimised VPS product boasts of superior infrastructure with cloud based storage and proved performance. Here are some of the key features:

Instant Provisioning
SSH Root Access
Managed databases (MySQL, MariaDB)
Content delivery network
Custom or Branded Panel
Stacks: Node.js, GitLab, LAMP, Nginx
Any OS of choice, CentOS, Debian, Linux, Android, Ubuntu, Unix, RedHat, BSD

Flexibility to install custom software (can support java hosting, node.js and custom software compatible with cent OS). The Datacenter that powers our VPS

Located in Mumbai / New Delhi / Kolkata Data Centers
High level of resilience and security guaranteed by redundant power, HVAC and fire detection systems that guarantee 99% uptime.

Faster load times and enhanced website performance made possible by the data center’s peering with top telecommunication network providers

Stay tuned to our emails for more details on our no-nonsense launches! In the meanwhile, you can continue to make the most of our great promotions on shared and dedicated hosting. Make the most of these discounts and consolidate your Hosting Portfolio using our simple 3 Step hosting migration process at zero cost… explore

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