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Predators are no longer respected in a dried planet. As new items like “big data market”, “cloud”, “Internet of Things” (IoT) grows, more are getting enticed with fancy technologies and citing growing aspirations of young voting clusters and research conducted by angel agencies pampered by beneficiary cronies in back-end to control all resources possible including the “नन्हां मुन्ना” human minds and artificially inject smart thinking via remotely manipulable smart apps, gadgets, networks and curvy devices!

Big brands are targeting and taking over government / utility projects and corporations, rapid growth in many sectors including digital commerce / energy is expected to drive this demand and register profits. Managed Services Spending can be an area of focus – Disaster Recovery, Backup and Recovery, Monopolizing Ad Displays, Mobile Services, and Application development tools and IoT platforms are expected to witness rapid growth in the coming two years. Wiser way to go cloud is putting your own local servers instead of outsourcing to some good sounding brand in the Pacific. If you are not aware of cyber security and insider hacking, consider these:

1. Large corporations often hire covert hackers, backdoor wire with agencies and offer security in same breath, and term it as smart business growth
2. They can possibly index almost anything on cloud and sell to whoever pays more or maybe threats
3. Designed for scale / monopolies to flourish and big daddies to control all tech – injecting malware, adware, fakenews, spyware …
4. Priced low or offered for FREE just to attract as many human pigs possible and cut competition
5. Consequences cannot be established with short-term view or misguided uni-wisdom binaries

Get some relief from acting nights with Jumla Celebrities around the world. Remember the real cloudy daddies and mother earth – how they’re formed and what happens when they reacts with anger. Both are increasingly forming, reforming, malforming and disforming depending on human actions of last years. Internet technologies are no longer forming organically for public welfare, bunch of cronies are shaping it for short-term big bucks, and long-term colonization of masses via marketing some development & nationalism gimmickry.

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