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Govt run Sports Parks for kids / athletes?

Public water sports cum amusement parks on must talked banks of river Yumuna can help kids / youngsters from middle and low strata or even Govt schools to strive for Olympics while saving the degrading clean water bodies! Apart from fat cricket boards, politicking brands, academies cum cronies branding, there are very less real opportunities for recreational, outdoor and indoor sports here or even team sports like soccer, walking, running, boating, rowing, cycling, etc. It can also help low funded sports teams, cyclists, and families on excursions. Clues from similar projects from around the globe are exciting.

Even no-man’s land converted into sports cum entertainment centers making many countries stronger sporting champions. Stipulating government or private office staff and other organizations to have few minutes break in the mornings and afternoons to do exercises or engage in other sports. In addition to edges in competitive sports, such transparent systems can also increase labor and defense capabilities. Programs to build capacity by investing resources in areas of current strength, and supporting the emergence of new inter-disciplinary areas of sports research and physical culture capable of reaching world championships (apart from lazy cricket and leaders acts on paid media) and becoming a strong sporting country internationally.

By the way, anyone knows why membership to ‪‎DDA‬ ‪sports‬ ‪training‬ ‪complexes‬ in ‪Delhi‬ are closed for ‪General‬ Category ‪kids‬ as was seen on last month? What are other Govt sports training centers in Delhi, not private clubs or leagues which are anyway mushrooming, making our young players vulnerable to corrupt things like match-fixing for quick bucks – nothing to Jai or Enjoy dear hallucinated bhakts! Official social engineering with acting + politicking + lying + hallucinating! On #ChildrensDay, enjoy #ChachaPlay for profit?

Sudhir Panda

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