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Margaret Dabbs Foot Clinic in New Delhi – Get Happy Feet with Medical Pedicure

Give your tired feet an extra dose of TLC with pedicures that relax and cure foot problems all at one go.Our defining Margaret Dabbs Medical Pedicure is renowned for creating the perfect sole. It is carried out by specialist trained by professional podiatrist in London, who will give your feet a thorough overhaul and address all aspects of foot health. The pedicure is performed on a dry foot to ensure exceptionally long lasting results and uses the award winning Margaret Dabbs product range.

A perfect thorough pedicure, popular with both men and women. Most of us are now used to monthly or fortnightly ritual of getting a pedicure done at a nearby salon – to keep feet clean, and nails polished. But sometimes that is not enough, especially when we tend to spend a lot of our time on our feet and in shoes that are most often ill-fitting, or too high at the heels. You have aching feet, fallen arch, ingrown toenails, hangnail, fungal infection, athlete’s foot.

So you need more than buff and polish for your feet. These are some serious foot problems that cannot be handled by a regular pedicure in a salon. In some cases the condition can actually get aggravated. You need special care. Try our Margaret Dabbs medical pedicure Unique ingredients and techniques are used to provide a medical pedicure. During a medical pedicure, the pedicurist use special callus, and dry skin buffing tools to soften hard cracked, heels and balls of the feet.

One of the innovative oils that is being used today is emu oil which has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal properties and heals dry, parched, thick skin on the feet and sole. Besides using customised products with relevant actives, the pedicurist also uses special buffing and sterilized shaping tools that give you smoother and shinier results. The process At the beginning of any session of your medical pedicure, a podiatrist or a foot doctor, or a dermatologist first assesses the condition of your legs, feet, nails. He or she also checks whether you have specific skin, and nail concern like corns, ingrown toenails that need special handling.

Your lifestyle is also assessed and based on all that information the doctor will design your foot care. Then the trained pedicurist will use the prescribed products and tools to give you a treatment that heals and relaxes you. So go ahead get a medical pedicure and get smiling at your twinkle toes!

About AAYNA Clinic

AAYNA is a skin and beauty clinic, in South Delhi and offers the finest cosmetic dermatology, skin maintenance and restoration treatments, weight management programs, anti-ageing treatments,Foot Treatment Delhi, using the latest skincare innovations in the world. It combines global knowledge, clever science, amazing technology and a world-class team of dermatologists, aesthetic doctors, weight loss experts and skin therapists with a wealth of experience to service you.

For appointments, Find us at: AAYNA, Ambawatta One, Kalka Das Marg, Mehrauli, New Delhi – 110030

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