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How to get Startup PR to initiate on-line youth campaigns – produce a real #SocialNet trailer?

When launching a new company or a new feature for the startup, good digital public relations can build your reputation and customer base in a cost-effective way. Bigger firms can hire PR agencies to help them manage media, but even if you are working on low budget, you can still get a lot of attention if you choose right press sites. Instead of creating one press release and sending it to everyone you can find online, a targeted approach focusing reliable and low-hype ones (the real #SocialNet) will take less time and produce strong results. Even if you succeed to earn, such genuine sites will neither ask for commissions nor want you to disclose where your customers really comes from, so also do not expect freebies, spoon-feeding or kickbacks.

Thousands, if not millions out there may be interested in your story, if pitched in the right way. First step is knowing who will be excited about your new product or service, and why? Find online publications and freelance journalists who have written pieces on similar topics and contact them on social media. If anyone in your network knows them, a personal introduction is more effective than a cold call.

Write a press release which is custom-made to the person or media outlet you are sending. Have all marketing materials ready with images and videos, text and special offers. Make a few lines to highlight aspects of your business that will be most appealing to the specific publication. There are press release sites where you can post press releases or concepts to help get a WWW boost. A favorable mention can help jump-start your traffic. A grass roots campaign is more effective for getting your product in front of your target audience, if your product is not designed to appeal the mass market. is a press site dedicated to connecting organizations with relevant bloggers, writers and journalists. You can also submit an one-line press releases. This option allows you to craft a 140-character mini press release that will be displayed on press release pages with compressed link to full article and also tweeted. New press releases also appear on many other connected network sites. Eject your #blogging capsules on #WisePoint – Join #WiserLeague Mobile, produce a #WonderWeb trailer!

For example, Online social and change campaigns demand focus, understanding, commitment and resources to achieve & sustain digital results. Pros will consult & help you to spread messages using right digital channels, Manage PR, make / re-make content (text ads, micro blogs, banner, audio, video, etc), integrate various social media with your web site & much more. You can expect improvements in visibility of your political organization on Internet & more traffic to your political website or mobile apps over time. For a specialized subject, find out other sites and main media portals. For example if are into real estate, construction, finance and related areas, the best choice is

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