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List of Domain Names and digital brands abandoned by Solution Point

Some Domain Names viz,,, & are abandoned by Solution Point. Domain Name which we were using since Nov 7, 2006 is abandoned from 28 June 2015! This is done to reduce our promotions targeting European clients and avoid multiple points of contact. Solution Point no longer owns or manages these domains or any services related to these – do not respond and just ignore any message, email, SMS, web pages, fraud offers or alerts coming from these domain or its sub-domains anymore.

We own and use following main domains as on 28 June 2019 for web services:

Also note we found out some fraud entities and competitor funded domains are running businesses in name of “Solution Point” and advertising on the Internet including Google. You are advised to take precautions in your dealings with them and in case of any doubt, complaint or clarifications, write to immediately.

Source (June 2015):

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