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Newest Courses introduced in Engineering Colleges in India

With a lot of bifurcating branches of technology, newer courses are being introduced in the engineering departments in all the colleges. The basic structure of the curriculum remains the same however; there are a lot of students who are enrolling themselves in modern learning. The following streams have gained the maximum number of seats in all the engineering colleges across India. Therefore, here is a list of the most deserving that will offer you a sure shot entry into the technology markets.

1. Chemical Engineering:
Chemical engineering is a part of science that applies the combination of chemistry and physics as well. It also includes the use of life science subjects like the biochemistry that is blended with mathematics and economics. After successful completion of this course, the candidates will be able to contribute to the production and transformation of materials that use chemicals. The engineering of chemicals can be used to convert the raw materials into the most valuable form.

2. Biomedical Engineering:
This stream involves the application of engineering principles and the concepts of design that bind the fields of medicine with engineering. This stream has recently emerged and because of its prominent applications, a lot of related technology companies have started hiring these engineers. One will be able to apply his knowledge in the production of pharmaceutical drugs and common imaging devices as well. This is the most promising field as one will get a chance to explore the medical as well as technological fields.

3. Petrochemical Engineering:
This is the latest introduction to the stream of technology as well. The rising need of petroleum products in the Indian markets has led to an increase in this course in all the engineering colleges. After realizing the potential use of this stream, a lot of students have enrolled in learning this technological stream.

4. Civil Engineering:
The stream had outnumbered a lot of other courses in the engineering colleges. This is also a part of the professional engineering as one gets to grow by exploring various sites that are widespread on the Indian lands. After completing an education in this stream, an individual can proficiently construct road and huge undertakings as well. This field is broken down into all small branches like forensic, control and earthquake engineering. Many colleges have also included the course of material engineering under their curriculum.

5. Electronics and telecommunication:
This is by far the most popular sort of engineering and has been newly introduced in the engineering colleges all over India. It combines the use of electronic engineering and telecommunication aspects. By learning this, a candidate will be able to design and execute the ideas in the information technology. This is basically a part of IT fields and is greatly in demand.

6. Mechanical engineering:
This discipline applies the fields of material science, physics and other mechanical systems. This branch of engineering involves designing, production and the operation of various machineries. Despite of being the oldest, many colleges have introduced various disciplines in the basic design of this engineering.

7. Electronics and Instrumentation:
Instrumentation is a branch of pure science and is often related to the design of medical apparatus. Combining it with the discipline of electronic engineering, this field is also worth exploring. The number of students taking admissions in this stream is quite less at present, but with the rise of technological needs, the numbers might seem to increase. After successful completion of this course, a person will have the ability to design and modulate the apparatus with the electronic systems.

8. Mining Engineering:
This branch of engineering involves practice, theory and also application of extraction of minerals. The processing of minerals and adding a substantial element to make the use of mining products has to be also done by the engineer. The mining engineers will also have the authority to regulate the process of extracting minerals and mitigate the hazards as well.

9. Marine Engineering:
This field is restricted to only designing and managing the marine equipments. The course is bifurcated into two branches of nautical science and pure engineering. After completing the education in this stream, a candidate will have the opportunity to regulate the condition of machinery on the ship. This branch is mainly associated with the propulsion of ships and submarines as well.

10. Food Technology:
A branch of science, this is known for doing a scientific research in preserving various foodstuffs. This field is often blended with the technological aspects that are put to use by major food processing companies. This stream is highly recognized in the international food processing markets and a candidate will have the opportunity of working in other countries as well.

11. Automotive Engineering:
Like marine engineering, this is also a new introduction to all the engineering colleges in India. It is a blend of mechanical as well as electrical engineering that can be used in manufacturing of motorcycles and all the major equipments. The automotive engineers are in great demand in all the major automobile production companies. The candidates will proficient in using the software as well as various machine parts, after completion of this course.

12. Electrical Engineering:
This is the vast application of all electrical energy systems and facilitates the operation of it as well. This stream has gained a lot of popularity as the engineers also get to explore the field of marine engineering after its successful completion. An electrical engineer will get a chance to explore various fields where the electrical systems are widely used without being constricted to only one sector.

13. Textile Engineering:
The textile manufacturing is on the rising demand and needs new technologies to enhance the production as well. This discipline lays significant importance to the production of various artificial textiles by using the natural products. A textile engineer will have the ability to inspect and design new processes for manufacturing and designing various textiles in the industry.

14. IT Engineering:
This field is currently under a huge demand as many IT firms demand engineers who are skilled and have knowledge about all the computer applications.

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