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List Of Schools in Delhi NCR – 2020 Rank by Costs & Online Learning

School is one of the first definitive step in education. To make your search more conclusive each school mentioned in this list will be non-elitist or brand savvy. Educators are encouraged to add their school as comment below for inclusion in India’s best “school search engine”. Should Govt run schools be left behind, just to pump few hop properties manged by top education business houses? Some Delhi NCR Govt Schools info at

List Of Private Schools in Gurugram without online Learning Portals – Rank by Cost Benefit and Tech Ready Analysis:
Amity International Gurgaon 0124-2385110 ,0124-2385112
Blue Bells Model School Gurgaon 0124-4698888
C C A School Gurgaon 0124-2330098 ,0124-2331264 ,0124-4078033
Canterbury Public School Gurgaon 011-22917165, 011-22918930
D A V Public School Gurgaon 0124-2324370 ,0124-2325081
DPS School Gurgaon 0124-4125800 ,0124-4125801
Excelsior American School Gurgaon 0124-4049342 ,0124-4049343
G.D.Goenka Gurgaon 9818800801 ,9818900901
ibambini preschool Gurgaon 0124-4112130 , 0124-4112131
Indus World School Gurgaon 0124-4217266 ,0124-4217269 ,7042477269
Intellitots Early Learning Center Gurgaon 9990800892
KLAY Gurgaon 0124-6460137
Kunskapsskolan Eduventures Gurgaon 0124-4107777 ,8396055555 LMS
LANCER INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Gurgaon 9999989848 ,0124-4171900 LMS
Lord Jesus Public School Gurgaon 0124-2307725 ,0124-4077462 ,0124-4077463 ,0124-4077464
Lotus Valley International School Gurgaon 9650544997 ,0124-4936900
MatriKiran High School Gurgaon 9650690222 ,0124-4005505
MatriKiran Junior School Gurgaon 9650690222 ,0124-4005505 ,0124-4938200
Modern Montessori International Gurgaon 0124-2352027 ,0124-2352028 ,9899293824 ,981016453
Pallavan Gurgaon 8800311195
Presidium School Gurgaon 7838654186
Pumpkin House Gurgaon 0124-4045179 ,0124-4045180
Rabindranath World School Gurgaon 0124- 2356883
Ridge Valley School Gurgaon 0124-4666161 ,0124-4666162 ,9650090345
Ryan International School Gurgaon 2383183 ,2580096
Salwan Public School Gurgaon 0124-4886050 ,0124-4886090 ,9818376422
Scottish High School Gurgaon 4112781 ,4112790
Shalom Hills International School Gurgaon 7838296682
Shikshantar School Gurgaon 0124-4889100
Shri Ram Global School Gurgaon 9910211531
Shri S N Sidheshwar Senior Secondary Public school Gurgaon 0124-2221706 ,0124-2300524 ,0124-4281311
St. Angels School Gurgaon 91-124-2581258 , 2580259
Suncity School Gurgaon 0124-4845300 ,0124-4845302
The Ardee School – Junior School Gurgaon 0124-4200102 ,0124-4200103 ,9811110042
The HDFC School – Primary School Gurgaon 7042330035
The Heritage School Gurgaon 0124-2855124 ,0124-2855125 ,0124-2855126
The Maurya School Gurgaon 0124-4114444 ,0124-4221105 ,0124-4221106
The Paras World School Gurgaon 9717881600
The Shri Ram Early Years Gurgaon 8882676553 ,9953613785
The Shri Ram School Gurgaon 0124-4784300
Vega Schools Gurgaon 9999711334
World Academy Gurgaon 7082009100
The Shikshiyan School, Gurugram +91 9990327077, 9990044577

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