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Cuba emerging from exile or US promoting good cop image to spice up its upcoming democracy dance with Jingle Bells?

As Obama ends an embargo on Cuba that has been the most durable elements of US foreign policy, west and its affiliated media are taking a mesmerizing humane look at the multi-ethnic island, whose people, culture and customs derive from diverse origins, which was ironically and proudly promoted as evil for many decades! Is Cuba emerging from exile or US promoting good cop image to spice up its upcoming democracy dance with musical Jingle Bells and retain a two party stability drama? How is a one party Cuba worse than bi-party power swaps of US and allies for looting and by fooling billions of citizens? Even after rejection, both groups knows its turn will come soon, where are the incentives for change or valuing human lives in the so-called less deserving countries or communities?

The much needed revolutions were perfect examples of David against Goliath, they managed to beat strong envious sanctions and inspiring many other nations and communities to fight for dignity, human rights and justice. Castro took on some of the biggest threats to worlds peace and won. Revolutions should be valued not by the turmoil they cause, but by the quality of everyday life that follows big event: against imperialists and corporatist that is in constant warfare everywhere to hallucinate few like-minded cronies to join their sides & loot indigenous local communities / resources for capital favors.

Castro was an “excessively respectful” intellectual who succeeded in bringing Latin America onto the international stage, says Ramonet, who co-wrote the leader’s autobiography, ‘My Life’, based on over 100 hours of interviews with the man who many consider an icon of real democracy.

New Right-wing concepts on sale is: the more allied forces join together to terminate those with different humanist ideals like Castro, the better our world becomes, think how dangerously funny! In G8, most of its domestic crowd cherish and will never complain as long they are end beneficiaries of strategic overseas loots via robin-hoods of all colors. The ultra-rich knows well that revolutionary Fidel Castro is a monumental figure daring colonialism, imperialism & smart cronies! The counter-strategy is to place a bunch of disguised cronies to educate vocal citizens using all means and then export the colorful mix of basic narcissist values (labeling democratic) for indirect colonization of as much areas possible, unlike what the wiser European ancestors were doing few decades back, being direct never helps in 21st digital, but some will do so adamantly, come whatever!

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