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Blind ambition, misplaced trust – the business of official banning!

The subtle game of banning and hacking web services owned by small businesses are getting rampant with covert or overt support of smart cronies within big businesses, the worshiping officials bowing to ruling class are the favorable forces to tango with. As always, the hunting investigating officers who bribed their way to top obviously have blind ambitions, misplaced trusts – promoting business of banning as powerful tools and pro-social movements to settle future uprisings. Hired by democratically (or what?) elected governments, working to please the ruling elite in all possible ways.

Enough of corruption-bashing, the development dragons will now backfire with sponsored artillery and elected allies. The Internet is slowly being snatched smartly by the same old 1% and co, fair play is just for academics and promo TV debates. Spreading rumors to defame small and honest players is an integral part of media planning for brands promoted by cronies who are desperately looking to take over Internet via “hypnotist yankee adverts” and crushing competition with power of looted resources everywhere. Some tax docs to fit legal framework, no questions, all clean and green.

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