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The 4 pees are still taught to keep the bunch of future consumers or advisers engaged and excited. Time to market anything online – easy via e-commerce apps hype for who else? Prince and princess management student newbies wearing masks of dormitory reformers are propping startups to sell everything via e-commerce route pumped by the venture capitalist crony uncles. White wash a few million from papa’s fat black box, pay to Google, Twitter, Facebook, Sam the Watchdog and get as many likes with positive amnesia rolling, you’re on for a multi-brand retail monster going viral from back-door, history created, rules smartly overridden, small retailers buried with style via hypnotizing consumers that “BIG is BEST”. It is not just another middle men catalog shop, it’s royal voyage thanks to generosity of star kids snatching technology by hook or crook from real innovators for petty commerce.

Though food, pharma and health items are very sensitive commodities to be sold on-line, but you can get easy clearance from various departments if you’re part of the network; the packaging can be made perfect, promotion can be bought. The other academic pees of marketing mix are easy cakes long consumed, no offense to gurus, professionals and celeb champs.

The order reach customers within few hours just like old rusty retailers, but with mirch masala of a decorative brand. Not a case study for any student, though it is drummed, packaged and sold that way just like telebrands! They say no branding or advertisement, and it’s just the taste, service, strategy, reach and word of mouth. Of course, investments in media buying / manipulating cannot be revealed by the media beneficiaries themselves, forget about knowing it. Add to it, the market is right for creating social media hypes and mainstream media hoopla for bucks, votes, commissions or stocks! Why? It is new, simple. Moreover, there are always first mover advantages while the masses knows too little about their selfie branding realities and sermons thrown disguised in new avatars – “Digital IT Cells”.

Online Diwali / Navratri Gifts Mania – best alternative to bribing and corruption are done via abusing our ancient religious, spiritual and cultural practices? We’re just experimenting the patience of unknown energies on which we have ZERO control in realty. Read more such tips..

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One thought on “The 3 pees of marketing mix were easy cakes long digested, drained”

  1. 5th Pee was “Pandemic Shock Marketing” for our 21st capitalism robin-hoods invested on #Youtube #TikTok #Whatsapp and many such black horses! Education and transparency holds the key to economic growth, social transformation / integration. But the #Greed2Flood market is opposite and rewards for creating media hypes / hoopla for bucks, votes, commissions or stocks!

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