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With MTNL Inserting Scripts on Web and Mobile Browsers possibly with help of sarkari + private agencies, and Heartbleed Bug gaining excuses for OpenSSL abuse to organizations of all types and sizes, the great game of citizen spying has began. The cold war between the so called public-private partnership agencies for loot and spy vs the citizens and ethical firms.

Some company called is experimenting over Internet connections and inserting codes and iframes inside the web pages of MTML users in Delhi, it is not impossible if they and other providers are also doing such privacy incursions in other cities as well. By the way, this is NOT a showcase of some great technology, this and its allies may argue. The sheer ability of such private profiteers (with inbuilt links in Govt agencies) to get access to public information with help of telecom authorities is frightening. Bhrast bandar ke haath main adrak, kaamal hai bhai?

Tomorrow they will broadcast ads forcefully, advertise pron to kids and teems, spread rumors and much more…The adphonso website belongs to an adversiting company and that is a not the ONLY big problem. The kind of public corruption prevailing, it is anyone’s guess what they are up-to, walking on a cliff, transgressing all moral boundaries.

Some customers used to ask us can’t we appear on customer desktop forcibly (by hook or crook), the dreadful dream is coming to reality thanks to such cronies and copy cat innovation dalals, advertisers have reason to cheer and en-cash, killing the power of Internet and democracy.

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