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How to transfer domain name and hosting services?

Every serious online player looks for custom service providers now-a-days, moving away from big and fancy providers who mostly sell horror stories and relaxing tools (inject virus & promote anti-virus) in same breath! Transferring a website is NOT hard, but it can sound challenging for a new client to transfer a website to a new hosting provider. Add to that, your current big daddy provider can blast you with false alarms and alerts while you are about to choose it’s small competitor. When it comes to on-line security and performance, a small startup can provide you as much quality as a billion dollar corporate logically does.

Ignore alarms, a domain owner is always in full control. Find out how you can transfer your website without downtime.

Step 1: Complete transfer form by providing with all of your account details
Step 2: Registrar will then go to work, migrating your content and reconfiguring site settings.
Step 3: After migration, simply change your DNS settings and the transfer is complete!

Or follow steps below to transfer web services to Solution Point all by yourself:

1. Obtain the authorization code from current registrar of the domain. Refer WHOIS to find out current registrar name.

2. After you receive your authorisation code (Also known as Transfer Secret or EPP Auth Code), click here to fill it now.

3. Pay for transfer, which includes 1 year free extension or renewal and we initiate the transfer and complete it in a 1-5 day period.

We advise that you change your auth code after a transfer. You can do this through your new registrar. Once Domain Transfer is successful, hosting transfer will take few hours. Just backup your old web pages, databases and emails in your local PC and change the name servers of your domain name and your website will be live again on our servers within few hours.

Some will do this for a FEE, and some providers does this for FREE. We suggest if you are based in India – though there are many other domain companies.

Do not allow a few predator cronies to dictate the use of their Internet services in such a way that we, the general masses, lose control over our own information and our participation in these networks. Choose any hosting provider except these exposed brands and avoid falling prey to the monopolies, pushing the unknown and fancy. Liberate your Internet!

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