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Emotions pouring from celebrities for the Sunny boy!

Celebrities make a beeline to appeal the governor who holds special powers in such cases. But the bigger question is, why is Sanjay Dutt special? The glamor-friendly media is flashing sympathetic and dramatic stories to garner public emotions so politicians in turn will get an excuse to pardon the star. The media and celebrities argue his earnings are going to fall, so there is a reason to support, we can get a backdoor cut, a jackpot in terms of money or favor! Maybe like father, he can support a few politicians during upcoming elections. Now you know why this special treatment?

On the other hand, putting him in jail for few years is a waste of public money. Why not the judiciary make him pay for his ignorance. Send him to areas where India faces arms struggle like within the jungles of East and Central India dared by Maoists or jihadis in Kashmir, Tamils of Lanka, global Al-Kaida net or even the fighters of North east India. Maybe with his charisma he can help to reform a few of them – teach them noble concepts like capitalism, secularism, socialism, quota-ism, minority-ism, gandhi-ism, love-ism, non-violence, etc.. spending some of his own earned millions and stardom!

Yes, he maybe a good human being like his parents and obey the judiciary – but we are all good human beings unless proven guilty otherwise by law. Can they pardon all similar convicted languishing in various Indian jails? No, cases involving rich celebrities are surely special – the smell of money & fame! Where will be the Kalmadis, Rajas and similar celebrity scam-stars after public heat settles, anyone’s guess!

The Khans also come together just before some court verdits to garner sympathy, what a coincidence Allha.. so what if actors are just as good as the characters they play, being God is not far fetched given the favourable conditions. Sounds just like political parties hugging each other during or after election times to save their India. True, lessons learnt with perfection, action and justification, long-live our paid media’s taka tak propaganda, signing up to broadcast as many cronie-pampered big brands!

Sudhir Panda

No bhakt of any popular gangs, an irrepressible autodidact, pure blunt+ ideas on politics, economics, technology, culture, etc, do not fit any known ideologies. Tweets at

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