Event for Composites and Advanced Materials Industry in India

The two day India Composites Conference on 10-11 December will feature technical sessions on composites and its applications. You may register separately for the conference as a delegate. The theme of conference is “Exploring New Applications and Technologies for Composites Market in India”. India Composites Show from 10-11-12 December at Bombay Exhibition Center in Mumbai

Highlights of the event
– Over 100 products and solutions at display
– Conference featuring panel discussions, presentations and Q&A rounds
– Adhesives & Sealants and Technical Textile zones featuring companies showcasing top solutions
– Composites Europe’ pavilion featuring international participants

Key Speakers:

Muthuramalingam Krishnan, Gruntech Polymer
Roger Jansson , Products & Marketing Manager, DIAB Group
Stephan Remme, Technical Service Manager Ambient Curing Systems , BYK
M Krishnan, Consultant-CNG Composites Cylinder Projects
Chester Martin, Head – Sales & Marketing, Chem-Trend Chemicals Company Pvt ltd

For conference bookings, contact: Ms. Gauri Srivastava, +91-9873800387
For other information, contact: Mr. Akash Goyal, +91-9582323533

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