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Air Tight uPVC Windows for sound insulation

Is outside noise driving you crazy? Soundproof uPVC windows could be the solution – or you manage better with some cheap alternatives? Sound pollution has joined light pollution as another irritant that drives us bonkers and kills our love of home. To reduce sound, you must create a barrier between sound and ear that captures the sound. Houses do it with walls, roofs and windows that block sound waves.

Green Home Solution uPVC Windows offer air tightness known for sound insulation, attractive design and durable life. In addition to window noise reduction, uPVC window inserts also provide excellent thermal insulation and save you money on utility bills.

On sound reduction, Mr. Deepak Patel, Managing Director, Green Home Solution said, “Sound deadening performance is based on tests where uPVC inserts were placed over operable single pane windows. Overall sound reduction depends on sound coming through your walls and doors. The noise reduction will be less when GHC inserts are placed over double pane windows.”

“Outside a client building were active rail tracks and the sound of squealing brakes presented an ongoing distraction. So what did we do? We outfitted all of our windows with GHS window inserts. The difference is astounding! You will be amazed at how quiet your house becomes! There will be great calm and peace” added Mr. Patel.

“Things are getting louder, and people are getting more sensitive,” says Sukant Bishoyi, Sales Director of Green Home Solution, which has been manufacturing soundproofing window for many years.

“Before taking any drastic measures, remember that books, clothes, towels and bed linens make great sound insulators. Can you move your bookshelves, closet or linen storage to an exterior wall? And while your landlord may not replace a flimsy window with a more insulated one, you can help to muffle street noise with heavy curtains.” he added.


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