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Eating makki ka atta on a cold wintery day is extra beneficial: Maize contains many health benefits. During winters, we tend to become sluggish and there we need to take foods which will help us sustain energy. The B-complex vitamins in maize are good for skin, hair, heart, brain, and proper digestion. It contains vitamin A, C, K along with beta-carotene and selenium which helps improve the thyroid gland functioning and maintain a good immune system. The thyroid gland regulates body temperature to function optimally.

Composition per 100 g of edible portion of organic maize or makki ka atta:

Carbohydrate–71.88 g
Protein–8.84 g
Fat–4.57 g
Fibre2.15 g
Ash–2.33 g
Moisture–10.23 g
Phosphorus–348 mg
Sodium–15.9 mg
Sulfur–114 mg
Riboflavin–0.10 mg
Amino Acids–1.78 mg
Minerals–1.5 g
Calcium–10 mg
Iron–2.3 mg
Potassium–286 mg
Thiamine–0.42 mg
Vitamin C–0.12 mg
Magnesium–139 mg
Copper–0.14 mg

The resistance starch as a dietary fibre helps in weight control and therefore may help in controlling weight. It is also a complex carbohydrate because of the fibre content, which keeps you fuller for longer or may increase satiety. RS as dietary fibre helps regulate weight by impacting certain gene expression.

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