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How Hamdard’s RoohAfza Sparked Refreshing Conversations With Fusion

With summer, comes the quintessential need for refreshments and coolers. Not just beating the heat but keeping the soul refreshed becomes the prerequisite.

RoohAfza the sharbat brand, relished in all households across cities, understood people’s love for cool beverages and ventured into the ready to drink beverage segment with RoohAfza Fusion – a ready to drink beverage with an energising blend of fruits and RoohAfza. The drink comes in an exciting tetra pack with five exotic flavours – Luscious Litchi, Refreshing Lemon, Delicious Orange, Juicy Mango, Exciting Pineapple and Orange.

Grabbing eyeballs across social media, the brand encapsulated the thought of “HoJayeFusion” which literally means “Let’s do Fusion”.

The idea conceptualized by RoohAfza Fusion’s creative agency Chimp&z Inc, was later moulded into interesting posts and spread across the brand’s digital platforms namely Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Supported with a vibrant product website –, the fusion factor is again brought to light with a quirky video revolving around the meaning of fusion for people of different age groups.

The campaign has kicked off on a good note, by making the right connect with the young social media audience, thus prompting digizens to share their idea of fusion.

Boiler Plate: Chimp&z Inc, a full-service agency has been in the industry for more than three years and has partnered with TataSky, Ritu Kumar, Wildstone and many other blue chip brands for creative business solutions. They believe in creating brilliant pieces of work that speak volumes for itself and those that change the world!

Owner Name: Hamdard
Company: Hamdard Laboratories
Address: Hamdard Building, 2A/3 Asaf Ali Road, New Delhi-110002, India.
Telephone number : -11-23239801-4, 23221027, 23215307
Website :

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