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Bandwidth and Latency Must Factor Into Your Big Data Strategy

When we discuss big data, network infrastructure comes as a vital factor and top priorities among enterprise executives. Big data networking issues such as latency and bandwidth are often ignored by many organizations, which can create problems with data transfer. Although its not an easy job to fix this, it’s better if organizations get things done quickly because more organizations will rely on the public internet for transmitting data and big amount of data from different locations.

Something similar is happening in the broadcasting industry where data streaming plays a crucial role and these organizations are strongly considering cloud solutions for their broadcasting requirements. In case big data video signals are sluggish, it can cause latency and bandwidth issues. Even financial firms demand for low latency rate but given the scenario of current market, every business vertical needs better network performance. Organizations are largely moving significant chunks of data across the globe and this is happening quickly and effectively.

Big data and latency are highly associated. However, to unleash the true potentials of big data one needs to be able to use it effectively like being able to analyze and gain insights in real-time. Many organizations have upgraded their facilities into the cloud to solve these big data network issues. But the problem is not every company is willing to make the investment of moving into a better and advanced infrastructure and not every organization wants to move into cloud-based data with more solid data pipelines. These two steps can help organizations enhance their big data strategy if they are still going over the public internet.

Consider direct data communications line
It would be smart of businesses to invest in direct communication line if their business case authorizes it or in case, they already have the infrastructure. There are several cloud service providers that provide direct, dedicated and redundant data communications lines that you can choose from.

There are some companies that consider improving their own line of facility by using data speed-up protocols such as multiprotocol label switching (MPLS). This promotes better performing communications by transmitting data over shorter transport networks compared to those used by conventional networks.

Wide Area Network (WAN) optimization
Companies can take advantage of the multiple WAN optimization tools available both physical and virtual in order to make complete use of the internet bandwidth they have. This is made possible by eliminating redundant and compressing data transmission, staging data in local caches and integrating chatty protocols. The performance of data streaming and large file transfers can be improved if organizations assure to align big data cleaning techniques with data prioritization and extrication features of WAN tools.

To sum it up, when designing big data strategy, organizations need to take into account latency and bandwidth, the two crucial component essential to support transfer of large files efficiently.

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